The new favorite podcast duo is here

If 40 is the new 20, and pink is the new black – your new favorite podcast duo is here! If you’re a new mom in your 30s or 40s, we have good news…besides you’re trending!

The Old Moms Club Podcast launches Mother’s Day 2022, but the trailer is already out on Spotify, Amazon Music and Audible. –  And I am here for it! This fun & lively mom-ish duo met through a women’s networking group and started making the mom magic happen.

Successful business owners, world travelers, wine tasters and now new moms – Michelle Hooper and Kristi McDonald, refer to themselves as two “new moms in old bodies” and they’re here to entertain, educate and inform.

In their own words, “We’ve learned that what works for moms in their 20s and what works for us are completely different. What we found is that so much of the information out there is geared toward women who are having babies in their 20s and early 30s. And the experience is so different for the rest of us. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are so different. Just think about how much YOU have changed in the last 15-20 years!”

The advice that’s focused on younger moms just doesn’t quite fit what’s happening with moms in their late 30’s & 40’s. This generation of new moms have time, experience and life lessons on their side! That combo makes “old” momming much different. They have different challenges, different experiences and different milestones to celebrate.   

Although co-hosts Michelle & Kristi have similar ages, nothing about their experiences was the same! Married, single, birth plans or not – they cover it all – especially the stuff no one told them about! (and by the way, yes, they’re still mad about that).

Follow this mom journey each week as they release a new episode of the Old Moms Club. Don’t forget to follow Old Moms Club on Instagram at @oldmomsclubpodcast and join our Old Moms Club Podcast page on Facebook!

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