The New Aquality Shower Head Bashes Amazon Competition

USA – Aquality is always about the needs of the people. When designing their new release, the Aquality Luxurious Handheld Shower Head, the company’s goal was to manufacture a product that would simplify people’s lives, and that would make a worthwhile investment, that would become their go-to choice for completing their bathrooms.

Unsurprisingly so, due to Aquality’s commitment to excellence, the Aquality Luxurious Handheld Shower Head has already claimed a large stake of the bathroom fixtures category’s market on

While their competitors were not prepared for the Aquality Luxurious Handheld Shower Head’s launch, they were even less prepared for its massive success. As the Aquality Luxurious Handheld Shower Head blends many functional features, along with contemporary aesthetics, it is certain the company’s competitors in the bathroom fixtures category will strive to reach the unprecedented levels of success that Aquality already enjoys.

When asked whether the latest turn of events was expected, Aquality’s media representative stated “We were confident that the Aquality Luxurious Handheld Shower Head would become one of our company’s most successful products, however, we did not anticipate that it would outsell our competitors’ products this fast.” He added, “Our goal is to see the Aquality Luxurious Handheld Shower Head become a bathroom fixture staple in homes across the nation.”

Commenting on the company’s plans for the future, Aquality’s media representative was nothing but optimistic. “ has given Aquality a prime opportunity to showcase its product range and increase its market share, in the most effective way possible. We are planning to release even more innovative products, soon, aiming to establish our company’s position as a leading provider of luxurious, timeless, and utterly useful bathroom fixtures.”

To learn more about Aquality’s Luxury Handheld Shower Head, please visit the product’s Amazon page.

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