The most important traditional festival for all Chinese: Mid autumn festival

Every lunar calendar August 15th is Chinese traditional festival Mid-autumn festival. This day is on September 21th this year. All Chinese have 3 days’ official holiday from September 19th to 21th.

Mid-autumn festival is the most important traditional festival for all Chinese, except spring festival and dragon boat festival. People will get back to hometown, stay together with families to celebrate. And there are a lot of delicious food for mid-autumn festival. Firstly XIKOO  must refer to moon cake, The round moon cakes with different stuff represent family reunion, everything is perfect.It is the best gift for Mid-Autumn Festival. There are also some local specialties in many places. Autumn is a harvest season as XIKOO  know, there are many melon and fruit become ripe. People can enjoy the fresh fruit. Mid-autumn festival is also to celebrate harvest.

Moon watching is an important part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Normally the moon is beautiful and full at this evening. Families stay together to chat, Enjoying the moon while eating delicious food. However moon is the center from ancient to present. There are legends of moon, like famous one Goddess Chang’s fly to the moon.

There are also many poets praising the Mid-Autumn Moon, such as ‘moon rise from sea, XIKOO  all have this moment, no matter where XIKOO are XIKOO company prepared festival presents for every staff, XIKOO  are a united together to provide quality products evapoative air cooler and professional service. Let’s have a happy three-day holiday, and will back to normal work on September 22th.

No production and delivery during holiday, while XIKOO  still keep replying people timely. Sorry for bring people inconvenience. Hope all XIKOO oversea friends have happy every day. Best regards!

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