From France’s post-apocalyptic thriller to Japan’s bloody, disturbing terror, TriCoast Worldwide presents the most frightening import horror films to add to your summer must-watch bucket list – for horror-lovers and moviegoers alike.

Los Angeles, CA – May 31, 2018 –

Fear doesn’t need subtitles.

This summer, fill your upcoming sunny days with a cinematic world of darkness, guts and gore. Horror, as a universal, visual genre, utilizes heightened shrieks, cries of terror, and terrified pulses proving fear doesn’t need subtitles. TriCoast Worldwide presents five of the best foreign / import films to watch this summer that will leave you shook to the bone.

1. ‘Angels Vs. Zombies’ (2017) – Emmanuel Saez, French

Saez’s French post-apocalyptic thriller follows two police officers that arrest a dangerous criminal and wind up in the hospital. There, they suddenly face evil-raging, violent-like zombies, who are plagued with a “dark patch” attacking and infecting those inside the hospital. Will they be able to stop the deathly zombiism contagious spread before it’s too late?

2. ‘These Final Hours’ (2013) – Zak Hilditch, Australian

As Earth approaches a cataclysm that will be its end, a self-obsessed man journey is skewed when he encounters a screaming ten-year-old being brutally raped. Will he be able to set aside himself to help the girl and reunite her with her family before Earth’s lights go out forever?

3. ‘Martyrs’ (2008) – Pascal Laugier, French

Laugier’s French psychological thriller follows two young women who were abused as children, as mystery and darkness continues to lurk in their shadows as they seek a bloody revenge.

4. ‘Audition’ (1999) – Takashi Miike, Japanese

When a widow begins to start dating again, him and his producer friend stage fake auditions to interview potential women, catching eye of one woman in particular, who’s dark past begins to unravel their relationship in a disturbing way.

5. ‘We Are What We Are’ (‘Somos lo que hay’) (2010) – Jorge Michel Grau, Spanish

A chilling family story, ‘We Are What We Are’ follows a son, now the man of the house, who must provide his family with necessities including food for their special diet: human flesh. Will he be able to stalk and kidnap victims for his cannibal family’s survival without drawing the notice of police?

Summertime is limited, but imported horror films are forever. Start your ultimate horror binge today with ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ here:

Highlighting the cast from ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ with entertainment performances and emotional deliveries, the film starred first-time actor, Vincent Andres, Philippe Coste (Patrick Jumel’s drama play, ‘On A Frappé’, ‘Winter War’) and Elissa Houles (member of drama company, ‘Le Contrepoint Theatre’). Alongside is Sonia Perez (‘Rendez-vous chez Max’, ‘Overcast’, ‘Winter War’, comedian for ‘Improphile’), Brice Lemaire (‘Overcast’), Manuel Gonçalves (‘Overcast’, nominated Best New Actor in ‘Action on Film’ festival for David Aboucaya’s ‘Last Blues’, ‘Winter War’), Jean Christophe Aubert (‘Overcast’, ‘Rough Cut’) and Boniface, played by local actor Florent Hugon (‘Le Criquet’). The cast continues with Michel Sidobre (‘1, rue du Caussanel’, ‘La Femme aux yeux rouges’, ‘Overcast’), Laurent Cerulli (‘Overcast’, ‘Et si je t’aime’, ‘Rough Cut’, ‘Winter War’), David Aboucaya, Anne Blanchon, Georges Spina, Katia Rodriguez, Xacier Pace, and Cyrille Rodriguez. Watch the trailer for ‘ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES’ now:

ANGELS VS. ZOMBIES (2017, 90 min.) Written and Directed by Emmanuel Saez. Produced by: Emmanuel Saez, Fabienne Saez, Cecile Spina. Original Music: Valentin Simonelli. US, English. TriCoast Worldwide.

Producers: Emmanuel Saez, Fabienne Saez, Cecile Spina

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