The Most Exclusive Business Card In The World Comes From Switzerland

The process of exchanging business cards is deeply woven into the fabric of sealing collaborations. A business card is an acknowledgment of the importance of making a new acquaintance; the act of leaving a tangible remnant of an important meeting; a gesture that meant to far outlast a simple handshake.

It is no coincidence that in certain parts of the world, particularly in Asia, the exchange of business cards is even regarded as celebratory, as it is a testament to a mutual feeling of respect fostered between two individuals.

Thomas Lipko, Founder and Chairman of L’Arbre, felt greatly inspired by a friend’s recounts of the almost ritualistic protocol governing business card exchange in China.

It was at that moment that Mr. Lipko realized that he had finally found the opportunity to manifest his lifelong dream of creating something that would bear the description of the “best in the world” of its kind: through producing the most luxurious business cards to have ever existed.

In the year 2013, Thomas Lipko helped founded L’Arbre, in his native Switzerland. It was a natural choice for the company to be based in a country that is widely known for its excellence in producing luxurious goods, whose value, craftsmanship, and quality are unrivaled.

Commenting on the essence of L’Arbre, Thomas Lipko said “Our passion for creating exceptional business cards is evident in each set we are honored to produce for our clients. We are delighted in collaborating with some of the brightest, most dedicated craftsmen in the nation, who share L’Arbre’s philosophy, and pour their heart and soul into creating one-of-a-kind business cards, which are a true works of art”.

The L’Arbre business cards are the result of the collaborative efforts of the best, Swiss-based woodworkers, goldsmiths and papermakers, who utilize traditional artisanal techniques to create unique masterpieces. Their painstaking work shines through the miniscule of details, which are meticulously taken care of, creating an exceptional business card, fit for L’Arbre’s esteemed clientele’s needs.

Currently, L’Arbre offers two types of cards, L’Élu and Les Royales. The first type can be commissioned in Swiss plum; walnut tree; checker tree; or birdseye maple, according to the client’s individual preferences. Clients then get to select between a yellow, rose or a white gold plated core, which allows the lettering to sparkle with extraordinary intensity. Finally, the contact information is carefully engraved, finalizing the client’s bespoke, sleek business card.

Les Royales, the company’s most elite card type combines rare ebony wood with a stunning 18 or 22 carat gold core. Ebony is one of the most valuable woods on earth and is characterised by its dark brown, almost black,. Upon special request, a Les Royales card can be adorned with precious gems or special engravings on its back side corner, resulting in an opulent business card, which creates the feeling of owning a personalized piece of art.

Upon passing L’Arbre’s strict quality inspection, each business card is carefully inserted into a “Couvert de Contact” handmade paper. The cards are then placed in an elegant wood box, to be delivered to each client, along with L’Arbre’s certificate of quality.

L’Arbre staff provide expert advice, to help clients create their custom-made business cards.

As each card is just as unique as its owner, L’Arbre business cards are only available through personal inquiries.

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