The Miracle US Economy Plan That Supplies an Infinite Amount of Money to Every Citizen Without Them Having to Work

The infinity Plan was created in 2017 by Ossy Oneal for the citizens of the US, it has been enhanced since Ossy Oneal opted out of running for Congress in 2018 to work on this same plan alone in his home without disturbance. The Infinity Economy Plan now incorporates robots and software for labor so the labor production speed will increase etc. First the economy incorporates a new domestic only currency (DCs) with the remaining currency left in the mix to pay taxes to the government, and maintain/build up commerce with multinational companies who need the dollar to survive.

Robots do most of the labor for the workers in a 24 hour work day, 7 days a week to make sure that we increase production until we build more factories and establishments with robots incorporated removing labor almost 100%, creating an all play and no work type of economy, then as the economy increases with mass production of goods and services provided by robots and software, all of the citizens and companies are given grants in DCs, mostly, and some international currency, and as the economy grows from robotic labor, the revenue grows, and the salaries increase indefinitely because of the country’s right to coin, creating currency out of thin air, and cradled by the fact that the goods can be bought and will be bought because of a national purchasing quota that requires the citizens to spend 75 percent of their wealth a year unless one is in debt and the quota is waived to an extent, and the same idea goes for the companies and their government grant situation. Companies will receive an initial grant to purchase robots, supplies, and materials from American companies; whatever they need to manufacture and sell goods and provide services, without taking advantage of the system.

Citizens will buy things with their grants, and the more goods produced and services provided the more DCs the citizens are granted and this will have an effect on the economy in a way that makes the companies grow larger in revenue, and the citizens’ bank account will grow larger because in this plan, the more there is to buy, the more we need to buy as a country and this will increase tax money that the companies pay to the government so it also helps the governments wallet, eventually removing national debt; also, the DCs can be sold to tourist for international currency to continue to circulate in the economy and that original currency will still be there for multinational companies’ commerce.

The grants citizens receive will increase a magnitude annually reaching a predicted $500,000 worth of DCs a year for minimum wage (in grants) for each citizen by the third year of infiltrating the plan. The plan will still allow businesses to start and grow, for this will only help the economy, not retard it, so it is still a free market system and people will have plenty of opportunity to invest in themselves while they spend their time in leisure more often than in labor. The US stock market must be flatlined, though, for this plan to happen, and this is how to do it: the US government must put the current revenue that determines the stock aside indefinitely, and the companies are granted domestic currency to replace that revenue for US business spending, without spending any of the international revenue, and distribute the stock in dollars to the owners, or let every company file bankruptcy before receiving their government grants whilst putting their company’s checking and savings in new accounts so that they can be able to pull out of the stock market and change their revenue to DCs.

The US based part of the stock market will flatline, many companies will pull out of the stock market and the infinity plan should be initiated. Also, if this infinity plan catches on internationally, their will be a market for the DCs and the value of the DCs, which will be based on the size and value of a country’s economy compared to other countries economy, which can grow or shrink over time if their economy is not competing well that year, a simple determining formula for a new market that will work a lot like the stock market.

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