The Medicus Group Encourages Doctors and Dentists to Reassess their Financial Strategy in 2018

The Medicus Group has built its business around assisting high-earning medical and dental professionals plan successfully for their financial futures. In 2018, the firm encourages physicians and dentists to engage in a comprehensive financial audit.

While it’s necessary for professionals of all stripes to effectively plan for their financial future, there is a stark truth as it applies to those individuals who operate within the medical and dental fields.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution and the challenges and goals faced by doctors and dentists are unique, and not necessarily experienced by the general business population.  The Medicus Group, a specialty financial planning firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, understands this—and indeed, has built a long-standing business around this specific group of professionals.  The firm is encouraging professionals within the medical and dental communities to make 2018 the year where they analyze their financial roadmap and engage in a comprehensive financial audit.

“Since our firm was founded, we have focused specifically on the needs, challenges, and goals of high-earning physicians and dentists,” comments The Medicus Group.  “The simple truth here is that financial matters for these individuals can be more convoluted and complicated—because of the need for extensive schooling they enter the workforce later, there are costs for owning a practice, and there are other myriad financial issues that could act as a roadblock to long-term financial success.  That is where The Medicus Group comes in.  We only partner with physicians and dentists, which means we speak their language and understand their needs.”

The Medicus Group assists high-earning medical and dental professionals with a variety of services including assessing existing financial strategies and vehicles for sufficient coverage while simultaneously developing enterprise-level business solutions for medical groups and organizations of all sizes.  The firm relies on their unique background and acumen to help with business succession planning, employee benefits plans, key-man planning, and more.  Additionally, The Medicus Group places special focus on the individual’s finances in an effort to make sure the physician or dentist has proper insurance and that their financial snapshot is effectively addressing their current lifestyle and needs.

“There is never a bad time to take an in-depth look at what your financial picture looks like.  And what’s more is that this is something that must be considered fluid and changing—therefore, a regular audit and assessment can truly help a high-earning doctor or dentist truly understand their situation and offer peace of mind,” states The Medicus Group.

The Medicus Group is capable of helping medical industry professionals nationwide and encourages these individuals to reach out and schedule a time for a comprehensive financial audit in 2018.

“Even if you are already working with a financial advisor, we may be able to provide some individualized insight into your financial situation that was not previously realized.  There are definite benefits to consulting with a firm that understands your specific industry,” concludes The Medicus Group.  “Contact us today for a financial audit—there’s no commitment to you!”

For more information on how to schedule a comprehensive, no-commitment financial audit, visit or call (240) 752-5068.


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serving clients nationwide, The Medicus Group is a financial planning firm that caters to high-earning medical and dental professionals.  The firm specializes in assessing existing financial vehicles and products to guarantee proper coverage and offer recommendations where appropriate to drive client financial success.  Additionally, the firm can assist with the development of enterprise-level business solutions for medical groups and organizations of all sizes, institute recruitment and retention strategies, create tactics and roadmaps for exit and key-man planning, implement employee benefit plans, and assist in the securing of lending. 

For more information about The Medicus Group, visit or call (240) 752-5068.

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