The McArthur Law Firm Launches IP and Copyright Protection Packages Designed Exclusively for Digital Artists

The worst thing that can happen today to internet entrepreneurs, online businesses and freelancers is theft of intellectual property. A new set of packages designed by The McArthur Law Firm, a specialist legal service that works in the challenging intersection of law and software, especially video games, is now available that will help digital artists and other owners register trademarks and copyrights easily and without any hassles.

Images, app names, videos, design elements, software and content, all of these and more are the product of hard work and creativity. But all it takes is a simple copy and paste trick for costly digital works to pass illegitimately into other hands, either on blogs, forums, social networks or other places. The new packages created by The McArthur Law Firm will assist digital artists to register trademarks and copyrights and protect and prevent anyone else to misuse their intellectual works.

Says Tom Libelt, the ‘Digital Architect’ from Smart Brand Marketing, “I tell all of my online course creators that they need to protect their intellectual property. The worst thing that can happen is for someone to spend months working on a project and have it end up on the web given away for free… and not being able to defend themselves.”

Though copyrights and trademarks go a long way in protecting digital properties, there are also legal remedies, including monetary compensation, just in case an intellectual theft happens. The McArthur Law Firm not only shares strategies on how to protect your images, it also handles monetization of photographs, helps with obtaining licensing fees from image thieves, and files IP related lawsuits at the state and federal court level.

Our specialties include enforcing IP rights, registering copyrights and trademarks, protecting mobile apps from cloning, drafting licensing agreements, defending companies against IP infringement, and litigating lawsuits in state and federal court,” says a spokesperson from The McArthur Law Firm.

The McArthur Law Firm is the winner of Avvo Clients’ Choice 2015 Award for Intellectual Property. The IP law firm has in the past defended a photographer from illegal use of her works by multinational corporations, helped a patent owner monetize a single patent for a seven figure license payment, and represented a client in a $50 million breach of joint venture agreement claim in international arbitration.

The new IP course package is designed exclusively for digital artists and owners of creative works with the help of industry leaders in online course creators.

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