The Maven is empowering people through her new societal movement on YouTube and Instagram

Chaya (The Maven) is empowering people everywhere with the launch of The Maven Movement, connecting women & men of color through YouTube and Instagram to build a strong & informed community.

With her years of experience and renowned expertise supporting individuals and the community at large, Chayas (The Maven) mission to educate, empower and uplift women & men who have been disenfranchised and silenced by society. 

Following the launch of her YouTube channel (The Maven Movement) in early 2020. Chaya’s message has been resonating all across the nation through her growing channel as well as on Instagram where she shares her unique perspective on life, love, politics and more. With shows like “A Mavens Tale”, “Mavens & Mavericks” or “Mother 2 Son”, Chaya has given a platform for everyday men and women to share their experiences and promote their businesses or ventures. “Between Sisters”, another show on The Maven Movement channel has quickly gained momentum. It’s a hit! This show, comprised of Chaya and her sisters from a father that had 13 children with 8 different women, is hilarious, controversial, opinionated and informational. “It touches on topics that directly affect us and our communities”; says Chaya. Her goal is to ultimately transform the narrative of how black men and women see themselves and the way they’re portrayed in the media.  

“Our mission is to elevateinform, revive and empower. 

The core values of The Maven Movement encompass empathy, respect, knowledge and family. As well as bringing people together, its encouraging honesty, justice and love while uplifting others. 

The Maven Movement, which is reaching people across all races, religions, cultural and political backgrounds, has brought breakthroughs to those that have felt disenfranchised, and endured traumatic life experiences. Through the power of this new community, people are finding healing and forging ahead with new optimism – knowing they have a collective of likeminded people who support one another. 

The Maven’s work hasnt gone unnoticed, capturing the attention of industry peers with the growth of her online presence on social media, as she shares positive, inspirational content that helps us think deeply about our values, and what we cherish most. 

With so much turmoil in the world today, Chaya has embraced a societal movement that can help to uplift people wherever they may be. And in turn, giving back to communities and empowering them by addressing individual needs. 

Chaya (The Maven) – We Got Something To Say. 

To learn more about The Maven’s work, connect with her on Instagramand YouTube to discover more. 

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