“The Man That Can” Why Super coach Sal Ozbay is the go-to guy for High-Net-Worth Individuals


It’s not a ridiculous question to have. After all, not many people are used to the idea of having someone else come in and coach them on how to live their own lives better.

There are a lot of people out there who wonder whether or not this is the approach for them, and of course, it’s essential that you find the right coach for you. So, the same people often ask, ‘Who is the best person to help transform their lives?’ 

Well, this article is designed to answer these queries, by telling you a bit more about the smooth guy otherwise known as “The man that can” Sal Ozbay, his achievements, and what differentiates him from other coaches. Then, you will get a much clearer sense of why he’s the man for you. 

How will Sal Ozbay make a difference in my life?

Sal doesn’t tend to use the term ‘life coach’. Instead, he prefers to use the term ‘success coach’ or a ‘make it happen coach’, because that’s what it’s really all about, right? Rather than being vague, and generally looking at your life as a whole, Sal helps you to identify definite goals. Then, he helps you to achieve these goals, and so succeed in the way that is most personal to you.

These goals could cover pretty much anything – money, relationships, forming bonds with others, your family life – whatever you truly believe will bring you happiness. Then, once you’ve discovered what these motivations are – the things that really drive and excite you – then Sal will help you to make them a reality. 

These goals aren’t going to be simple, otherwise you would have already achieved them. And that’s exactly why you need Sal in your life. You need expert guidance from someone who knows exactly how to make these ambitious dreams materialize.


Where does Sal Ozbay’s knowledge of success coaching come from? 

Sal has led, what some may call, ‘a full life’. He grew up in a normal, working class background in the East end of London, and worked his way up, to attain immense success. So, his approach comes almost entirely from his own milieu of firsthand experience. 

A lot of people measure success in terms of net worth. In that regard, Sal has achieved more than most. But, that’s not to say that his life has been simple. 

In fact, Sal has experienced lifestyles, situations and events that are completely spread across the spectrum. From being in a boy band, then a stripper in the famous Dream Boys, to spending time in jail, before helping to manage and oversee multi-million dollar operations – Sal’s life is a fascinating and unmistakably varied one. But, it is this multitude of experiences that has given him the approach to coaching that he has adopted today. 

Sal has achieved vast amounts of success, and so knows first-hand all the highs and the lows, the feelings of elation and the sleepless nights, which come with it. He currently builds and oversees a number of companies and projects, which have revenue in the multi-millions.


As a result of his personal experience with his own companies, Sal’s success coaching services are particularly valued by CEOs, Executives and individuals of extremely high net worth. His knowledge of what it’s like to be in their position means that his success coaching provides a whole new level of insight.

His mind works in the same way as his mega-rich clients, and so he understands the gaps that exist in their life. He helps them to pinpoint why it is that they’re not entirely happy or fulfilled.  


What personal and business successes has Sal experienced in his own life? 

Sal is remarkably comfortable with sharing his personal life and past experiences with the world. He is open about all aspects of his life, not just the high points. 

You may be surprised to learn that, at the age of 18 Sal was a part of a successful boy band, named V5 and later a mixed boy/girl band. After a period of six years touring the UK alongside some of the top pop acts in the industry, the band broke up.


Sal then experienced a dramatic shift in his life; from a period of high-flying success to big money troubles. In rapid succession, Sal found himself experiencing typical domestic life, situated in a London-based government-subsidized flat, as a soon-to-be father without any idea of where to take his career next. 

But, just after his son was born, he experienced a new drive to rethink his career. So, his life took yet another U-turn, and he received a degree in exercise and nutrition. 

From there, he founded his first company: Elite Fitness Training, which provided London professionals with a premium level of exclusive and customized fitness services. The business grew rapidly, and Sal invested a lot of the profits into the development of a very sought after property in London’s Knightsbridge. At that point, one of Sal’s ultra-high-net-worth clients enlisted Sal as a real estate developer to oversee and broker portfolios and property ventures way exceeding a billion dollars. This opened new doors and took Sal into the world of the social elite, which made him a part of the top high-flying business innovators, creators and individuals who he continues to guide and support to this day. 

Sal’s story gives you a clear insight into how much he has experienced in his life, and just how thoroughly he understands the mindset of his clients. He knows, personally, how the drive to succeed has the power to take over; how hard it is to get over the lows; and the fears that financial success often leads to. That’s why he is so well-suited to helping you to overcome them.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you shit, make lemonade and leave everyone questioning how you did it.” SAL OZBAY”

How world events have caused everyone to reevaluate their lives?

One of Sal’s key points is that connections with loved ones is an equally, if not more important, indicator of personal success. The value of our lives stems from this, and it is the love that we have for our friends and family which holds the most worth in this life. 

In fact, recent global events have really made us reevaluate this. One of the most interesting phenomena of the pandemic is that, more so than ever before, people are rethinking what it is that matters to them. 

They are beginning to realize that wealth alone cannot provide you with happiness. In fact, Sal’s success coaching strategy lies on his four pillars to lifetime fulfilment: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.


This period of introspection has facilitated the perfect time to think about what is absent from your life. Then, during this brief period of pause, seize the chance to enlist Sal’s coaching genius as a way to discover the new enlightened, powerful version of yourself. 


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