The Maid of Salerno: Gripping New Dystopian Novel by Vi Zetterwall Compels Readers to Explore a Dire Post-Apocalyptic World

In a dark and broken world, one young woman is a ray of hope!

June 13, 2016 – Salerno, New Jersey, United States – While dystopian or Post-apocalyptic genre has long been a staple of literary world,  readers and critics alike are crying out for unique material that doesn’t succumb to the recycling of same old plots.  Bucking the trend with gusto, Vi Zetterwall’s latest release is answering the call with gripping aplomb.

‘The Maid of Salerno’ is a dystopian novel unlike any other – more adventure/romance than Sci Fi. It does away with the genre’s tendency to dwell solely on the catastrophe, rather narrates the story of a young woman who struggles to survive, desperate to keep hope alive, despite the threat of the tyrant.


In 2019 the United States was hit with The Darkening, an apocalyptic terrorist attack that killed millions, including the President and most leaders. The country was thrown into turmoil, poverty, and literal darkness, where electricity is a thing of the past.

Cassiopeia Serrell was born into this harsh reality of a world without power, government or even the security of knowing where each meal will come from. With only her wise old Nana Rose to guide her through life in their New Jersey squatter’s settlement of Salerno, they struggle to survive, desperate to keep hope alive, despite the threat of the tyrannical Magistrate who lords over them.

Beyond the walls of Salerno, a pocket of ultra-rich patriots are on a mission to return the United States to its former place in the world before the Darkening. A time that few even remember, since the terrorist strikes decimated the country, leaving it to be ruled by gangs and criminals. As the patriots begin their search for the one who will reunite America, they realize that while they have resources, money and power, they lack the key ingredient – a leader that all will follow.

“I’ve dreamed up a lot of stories but this one is my favorite. I love a strong female lead who faces down impossible odds. Add a little life and death and I’m hooked,” explains the author, Vi Zetterwall.

Since its release, readers have been lavish with their praise. For instance, one reader comments, “The dialogue is captivating and believable.”

‘The Maid of Salerno’ is available only on Amazon.

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About Vi Zetterwall

Vi Zetterall lives in Seattle, Washington and has a day job but for years she has whiled away spare time dreaming up plots and imagining stories about men and women and their unique romantic interactions. She just finished publishing the twelve books of the Single Heart series and is now working on a short series of dystopian novels. The Maid of Salerno is the first of these.

People have asked her how she is able to write so quickly and she tells them a story about her youth. When she was about six years old, her older sister told her she would get to sleep faster if she told herself a story. Vi looked up to her sister and believed everything she said. So, she did tell herself a story and got to sleep. She did it the next night too. And now, 30 years later, she is still telling herself stories. Every night! Her stories, of course, were rather juvenile at first but as she got older she started creating more elaborate stories, writing them out word for word in her head. Now, she has dozens and dozens of them waiting impatiently to get out of her head and onto paper.

Vi loves stories that show the strength of the human spirit and give us a glimpse of what we could be if we followed our better nature. She believes a good story needs some twists and turns and a few curveballs; and she believes that great books throw in a little romance, some heartbreak, an element of adventure, and a boatload of suspense as well. And, she readily admits it, she’s a sucker for a happy ending. 

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