The Latest Ultra Bright Led Backlighting Solution

Nu World Custom Lighting is a Premier Source for Unique and Custom Lighting Solutions

Vancouver, BC, CANADA – April 4, 2017 – Nu World has announced latest “Ultra bright LED Backlighting solution” that will accentuate the personality of space and make a dramatic impact with observers. They worked closely with many architects, designers, business owners and private individuals to bring their creative illuminations to life. Their Distribution’s work is seen inside, outside and around the world, as they indulge in making insightful suggestions and providing different lighting options in Environmental Design, Lighting Control Systems, Project Specifications and Luminaire Design.

We have worked closely with designers from across North America, Europe and around the world using a variety of materials, and in both exterior and interior locations such as commercial buildings, art installations, movie sets, private residences, Super Yachts, fine dining restaurants, bars and other retail venues. Innovation, aesthetics and a practical approach to problem-solving go into each of our projects”. As said by the website contents.

Nu World uses the finest products to create its memorable lighting solutions. They manufacture custom made LED Light Panels and LED Flex Strip solutions that offer maximum creativity for lighting displays and also offering to bridge the gap between their framed and frameless LED Panels that is sleek and elegant at the same time.

Another major reason making Nu World stand out is, their team believes that the key to all successfully realized projects is in listening to the customer’s ideas, choosing the correct materials that match the job requirements and in delivering attentive, personalized service to the customer throughout all of the design and installation phases.

The Nu World Modular Tile Light comes in one standard size at 12″ x 12″, each panel is illuminated from one edge only which allows you to cut into the edges of the panels to follow curves and to allow for voids like kitchen sinks, basins, and electrical outlets. Their backlighting products tried, verified and trusted in the North American market for 10 years are available in 5200k, 3200k and RGB and this can be configured to virtually any shape and size. Virtually no maintenance over the life of the LED Light panel, no UV and virtually no heat, Ultra-Thin 6mm thick and it can be cut on site as no templating or drawings is needed. Up to 100000 hours lifespan with 3 years warranty.

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