The Key to Habit Change and Personal Improvement is Changing the Subconscious


If improving personal habits for weight loss, procrastination, financial success, and other lifestyle goals feels like an uphill battle, science agrees.

Psychologists say our lives are mostly determined by unconscious choices automatically, which makes changing habits and improving lifestyles extremely difficult. In fact, research suggests that most of our life outcomes are driven by our subconscious minds and brain chemistry, not personal choice.

According to personal development experts like Tony Robbins, the question then, for personal development, habit change, weight loss, stopping procrastination, and even financial success and happiness, comes down to one’s ability to reach and rewire their own subconscious mind.

“The reason most experts and books can’t help a person improve their habits and lifestyle long term is because the problem is not a lack of information. People already know what to do. The hard part is actually doing it,” explains Subconscious Re-Programming Book series Author Daniel Ben Abraham. Using as an example the goal of weight loss, everyone knows how they should be eating and exercising, but it’s hard to actually follow through day to day.

Daniel Ben Abraham, who has struggled with these same issues, and wrote the books for himself to improve his own life, writes the subconscious re-programming script series for personal improvement of many aspects of life, including eating control, fasting motivation, fitness, self-discipline, procrastination and productivity, financial success and even personal likability, all available on

Abraham’s subconscious reprogramming scripts useall four of the primary methods for reaching the subconscious mind; 1. repetition, 2. emotion, 3. Hypnotic-like language, and 4. they are even designed to be read first thing upon waking, when a person’s brainwaves are changing from subconscious to conscious.

The books are not informational, but habit change tools. You don’t just read it, you “use” it. You keep the book by your bed, and as the very first thing upon waking, as your mind transitions through varies brainwave patterns from subconscious to conscious, you open the book to any page and read the positive-language re-reprogramming affirmations for five minutes.

“Do it before you even grab your phone, because your phone triggers dopamine release in your brain,” says Abraham. “You want your brain as unstimulated as possible artificially when you are introducing programming, because at times of challenge and decision, we tend to subconsciously choose easier paths, and miss key opportunities to grow.”The more clean slate, the better the positive emotions you experience with the content help with reprogramming.

Abraham’s books all contain positive language which your subconscious mind operates on, including LEAN for subconscious eating control, diet and weight loss, FAST to program your mind to enjoy fasting for weight loss and health benefits, FLOW to help with procrastination and productivity, SUCCESS to turn your subconscious mind into a money magnet, OXYGEN to help quit smoking by loving breathing fresh air, LIKE to help enjoy being more social and attract friends, FIT and GYM for fitness, SELF-DISCIPLINE, and more.

The quick morning programing gives the subconscious mind a path to follow all day, and the books work more effectively when used every morning for 30 days straight. Five minutes every morning to help set the other 23.9 hours and your life course onto the right path? Sounds like it’s worth a try.


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