Introduction to Solder Paste Mixer Installation and its use

NeoDen recently launched a solder paste mixer, the installation and use of the solder paste machine will be briefly described below.

After purchasing the product, NeoDen will provide you with a more complete product description.

1. Please put the machine near the power supply, and require the ground smooth.

2. Make sure the power switch is turned off, then insert the plug.

3. Open the gate lock, and open the machine cover.

4. Place the solder paste pot

4.1 Take out need to stir the solder paste, remove the inner cap and tighten the cover.

4.2 If two cans of solder paste need to be stirred, the best quality is equal or 50g difference. 

4.3 If one can of solder paste is stirred at a time, fill the waste paste of the same specification and quality into another fixture to keep balance

4.4 Open the fixture, put the solder paste pot into it, then cover it and lock it. If the installed paste pot is not standard, too large or too small.

4.5 Paste has been loaded to ensure that there is no omission in the machine. 

5. Close the lid and lock the door.

6. Turn on the power switch and adjust the time. Please set the time relay.

7. Press the light switch and the light is on. To start the machine, must reset the light switch. Press the start switch, the machine starts to run and the light starts to work. When the set time is reached, the motor stops running and the light stops flashing. When the motor is running, press the stop switch, the motor stops running, and the indicator light also stops flashing.

8. When the machine is running, if you are forced to turn off the power and open the upper cover, be careful not to touch the rotating parts.

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