Introduction To Shot blasting machine types and its applicable fields

Nowadays, enterprises pay more and more attention to product quality and process. After shot blasting and rust removal on the surface of mechanical workpiece, excellent surface quality can be achieved, and the surface is clean and beautiful after painting. The market of shot blasting cleaning machine equipment will be more and more broad, and how customers choose shot blasting machine suitable for their products is directly related to the quality, work efficiency of products after shot blasting and final operation cost. Here below are some information about the usage for different kinds of shot blast machines.

Belt tumble shot blast machine: Used for cleaning and strengthening of castings, forgings, small round springs, bearings and other workpieces. As a common shot blast machine, main types are: Q326 rubber belt tumble shot blast machine, Q3210 rubber belt tumble shot blast machine, 15GN steel mill belt tumble shot blast machine, 28GN belt tumble shot blast machine.


Hanger type shot blast machine: It is mainly applicable to the surface treatment of various medium and large castings, forgings, weldments and heat treated parts, including fragile and irregular workpieces.  This type of machine can be Single hook hanger type shot blasting machine or double hook hanger type shot blasting machine. This type of shot blasting machine can also be designed and manufactured according to the workpiece specifications and other parameters provided by customers.


Rotary table shot blast machine: It is applicable to the cleaning of flat workpieces that are afraid of collision. The workpieces are placed flat on the turntable, and the projectile is thrown vertically to the workpiece surface, which can achieve the purpose of shot blasting strengthening.For shot-peening the automotive industry prefers to use satellite rotary table shot blast machines. Reduced cycle times and reliable blasting results are the result.In addition, they enable automation of the process.


Overhead Rail shot blast machine: It is suitable for shot blasting of small iron castings, steel castings, forgings and stamping parts, especially for the cleaning of forgings and castings, so as to remove the bonded sand, rust, oxide scale and dirt on the surface of the workpiece, make the surface of the workpiece with the natural color of metal, eliminate the internal stress and improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of paint film when painting the workpiece, finally to improve the surface and internal quality of the workpiece.


Roller conveyor shot blast machines: Roller conveyor shot blasting machine can be used to remove oxide scale and rust on the surface of metal profiles, sheets and steel structures. By combining a set of transverse moving roller conveying system,The process of shot blasting, cutting, drilling and milling can be connected into a production line. This ensures a flexible manufacturing process and high material utilization.


Mesh belt shot blast machine: It is mainly used for surface shot blasting of thin-wall castings, thin-wall and fragile iron or aluminum alloy castings, ceramics and other small parts. It can also be used for shot peening of mechanical parts. It has the characteristics of good continuity and high cleaning efficiency.

Hanger type conveyor shot blast machinesIt is used to clean large structural parts and castings with a single weight of more than 2 tons, such as boom of excavator, bucket rod, tower crane in construction industry, etc. it has good cleaning effect and high efficiency.


Drum type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of castings and forgings that are not afraid of collision and scratch. It is suitable for sand cleaning, rust removal, scale removal and surface strengthening of castings and forgings less than 15kg in various industries. It is an ideal equipment for small heat treatment workshop to clean residual sand and oxide scale on workpiece surface


Special shot blasting machine for wire rod: It is mainly used for surface cleaning and peening of small round steel and wire rod. Shot blasting can not only remove the rust on the surface and prepare for surface nondestructive testing and coating anti-corrosion paint, but also enhance the tensile strength of the workpiece and improve its service life.


Belt conveyor shot blasting machine: This shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for cleaning the surface of small aluminum parts, copper castings, galvanized parts, etc. the rust, dirt, oxide scale, etc. on the surface of steel structures are removed by shot blasting. During shot blasting, the welding internal stress of workpieces is eliminated,and fatigue resistance the paint adhesion on the workpiece surface is increased, so that finally improve the surface and internal quality of the workpiece.

Steel plate/section bar pretreatment line: The process of pretreatment line refers to the process of shot blasting and coating a protective layer on the steel surface before processing (i.e. raw material state). Pretreatment for steel plate can improve corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal components, improve the fatigue resistance of steel plate and prolong its service life; At the same time, it can also optimize the manufacturing state of steel surface , which is conducive to the blanking and precision blanking of NC cutting machine. In addition, due to the regular shape of steel before processing, which is conducive to mechanical rust removal and automatic painting, the use of steel pretreatment can greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning work and reduce its labor intensity and environmental pollution.


All above are the main types of shot blast machines TAA are producing. Other types of shot blast machines used for other application also can be done. If have any requirement welcome to send email to us, we will try to provide you a perfect blasting machine solution!

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