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The Internet’s Best Shoe Review Website -

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One of the most important finishing touches to any outfit is a good pair of shoes. Whether it be formal or casual, shoes finish the outfit and help create the message the outfit portrays. Some even say that shoes are the most important thing in your closet. Having an all-inclusive shoe wardrobe is as essential as having a wardrobe stuffed with clothing and other important accessories. Shoes finish an outfit in a way a blazer or scarf could never. Shoes are an indispensable piece of attire that assists you in creating an impactful impression onto others. Not only do shoes finish off an outfit, but they are also really important for our health. Our feet are our main form of transportation, and if our feet are comfortable, protected, and well supported, we can walk or run further, stand longer, and do more of those essential tasks.

We all know the dread that creeps up when you realize you’ve worn the wrong shoes for the outing, whether it be having to soak your feet after a long shift, or hobbling home trying not to agitate the blisters that have formed on your night out. Having, and wearing, the right type of shoes is the most important step to keeping yourself healthy too. Studies have shown that, while you probably won’t get a cold from being barefoot, walking around in some places sans shoes can cause fungal infections, that swell and itch, making you uncomfortable for days. This is all well and good, but the emphasis on making sure you buy the right shoes is very common. How do you know which shoes are going to support your arch and ankle in the right way? How do you know if those beautiful shoes you saw on Amazon will give you blisters? That’s where comes into play.

This website is a website specializing in shoes. The team at footwearon spends hours wearing and reviewing shoes for all types of occasions, whether it be work or play. The article style reviews range from ones solely about brown boots for women, to the best steel toe boots for men, all the way to the best gym shoes and outdoor basketball shoes. This website should be in everyone’s tool kit before they even consider buying shoes for any occasion. This website has spent countless hours learning about the shoes in question to answer those questions, about ankle and arch support, which shoes give blisters, etc.

Not only does the team review shoes, but they also have articles about socks and other shoe accessories, as well as posts on how to care for shoes, such as how to keep dress shoes from creasing.  Utilizing this website should be part of every shoe lovers experience.

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