The Insensible Grasp – El Nino At Its Worst

El Nino has truly taken root this season with its undeniable pattern of unusual weather conditions, throughout Southern California, U.S. and the World.

El Nino has truly taken root this season with its undeniable pattern of unusual weather conditions, throughout Southern California, U.S. and the World.

Now, what is El Nino?  It refers to a pattern of unusual warm water stretching across the surface of the Pacific Ocean, mainly on the equator. It occurs every three to seven years. According to a report from CNN, a strong El Nino heats up the atmosphere and changes circulation patterns around the globe, especially the jet stream over the Pacific, which becomes stronger and dumps more frequent and intense storms over the western U.S., especially for California. It also means more rain for the west coast of South America.

Yes, there have been several indications that this could become one of the most intense El Nino’s since 1997-98, when it had caused an estimate of 32,000 deaths worldwide. CNN had stated, this El Nino is the strongest ever recorded, and it could even rival the intensity of the 1997 event, that brought devious mudslides in California and revolting fires in Australia.

However, Southern California has been in drought for the past four years, and nearly had any rain from what the Los Angeles Time calls it, “The Godzilla,” El Nino has barely embraced us with its imminent “parade of storms.”

Now we can’t say the same for San Francisco or Seattle, and especially for Houston Texas. Houston, has experienced a historic 16 inches of rain, and the numbers have increased since Monday, April 18.

In contrast, despite with El Nino weakening, its results continue to be felt around the world. A few specifications from the Columbia University had reported, drought and resulting food insecurity is one of the major implications for southeast Asia, eastern and southern Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. Additionally, fifty million are in need of emergency relief, according to the United Nations.

Equally important, from the impacts that have played out during this El Nino are critical for understanding our vulnerability to future climate risks. These risks include long-term climate changes as well as short-term fickleness, according to the Columbia University.

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