BTGEXP is an innovative company that is concerned with the development of top-notch tools that would be of great value in the cryptocurrency industry. The tool created by BTGEXP is a web tool that allows you to view information about blocks, addresses, and transactions on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain.

The world of cryptocurrency is accounted to have witnessed a tremendous level of patronage as compared to the traditional mode of investment. Cryptocurrency investment is known to have outweighed the amount invested via venture capital in the year 2017.

The increasing need for a more reliable and valuable backup to Bitcoin has led to the development of the Bitcoin gold. Bitcoin gold is known to have witnessed increased patronage since its inception.

The use of bitcoin Gold, which is a blockchain technology that has every coin backed with an ounce of gold, can now be monitored appropriately with the use of the valuable tool provided by BTGEXP.

BTGEXP is considered to be the first bitcoin gold explorer. The company is proud to announce the launch of its invaluable service, which would aid the provision of adequate information to bitcoin gold investors.

Few companies understand the dynamics of the cryptocurrency world as obtainable with BTGEXP. The experience gained while playing an active role in the financial industry has enabled BTGEXP to be a pacesetter in the development of tools needed in transforming the cryptocurrency industry.

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Contact Person: Marij Gared
Phone: +1 415 621 9035
Country: United States