The Ideal Modern Transportation Model – Airwheel A6 Somatosensory Balance Electric Wheelchair

Designed in the transcendent concept of portability and eco-friendliness, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter serves as a great transport for users to travel around as well as make contribution to environmental protection, for instance, the Airwheel A6 Handle Controlled Electric Wheelchair, a new model added to A series.

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Cars are no more the best transport for common people. On the contrary, electric scooters become more and more popular in the market. Airwheel is designed in the transcendent principle of innovation and aesthetics, which is featured by portability and eco-friendliness.

Airwheel mars rover is so small that it can be easily put in the backpack. For example, Airwheel folding smart electric wheelchairs, the latest model by Airwheel. Thus, users are able to go through streets and roads without suffering terrible traffic jams.

Besides, mounted with top-quality 16 inch tires, Airwheel A6 self-balance personal transport can go across whatever terrains it may encounter. Moreover, as it is equipped with high-tech intelligent chip, it achieves self-balancing via gravity center change. Under the steering principle of A6, riders can steer the vehicle and control the speed via simple body movements.

If riders want to march forward, they have to lean forward; when they want to stop the vehicle, they have to lean backward. Different from others, if riders want to turn left or right, they need to push the handlebar in the right-side, instead of changing the body gravity center to the left or right.

In order to provide protection for riders, Airwheel A6 lightweight balance wheelchair is designed with special settings. In the event that the real-time speed of the transport hits the restricted one, A6 folding self-balancing wheelchair will ring an alarm to tell the riders to slow down for the sake of safety. Such functions can be realized by the App too. Apart from that, A6 is also quite environmentally friendly. Based on the latest energy-saving technology, it is powered by electricity rather than gas, thus emitting no exhaust or generating no noise. As a result, it leaves little pressure on the environment.

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If it is universally applied in the common transportation, it will surely reduce the usage of cars and contribute to environmental protection. Now, sit on the comfortable saddle of Airwheel A6 handle controlled electric wheelchair to enjoy the daily life.

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