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“Make it sweet, make it naturally, make it Maple!”
The Herman Hills Sugar Bush is a family owned and operated maple syrup and maple sugar producer that provides superior quality maple products for health conscious individuals and families. We are very excited to help reintroduce and promote the use of pure maple syrup and pure maple sugar as a nutritious primary sweetener.

Thank you for your interest in the Herman Hills Sugar Bush 100% Pure Maple Syrup and Pure Maple Sugar! We are a family owned and operated maple syrup producer that provides superior quality maple products for health conscious individuals and families. We are located in the historically agricultural community of Herman, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Herman is nestled high in the pristine Huron Mountain Range not far from the worlds largest fresh body of water, Lake Superior. Our family has been a part of this community for six generations (that’s over 100 years!), and has proudly continued to utilize the land to support our growing family. Rather than the traditional practice of logging our land, we choose to “tap” into the abundant supply of the Maple resource around us. We began with a few dozen taps as a hobby. We soon realized that with the growing demands for our: “liquid gold”, we needed to expand. Since then, we have expanded to over 9,500 taps in our sugar bush and we are continuing our growth. Our maple products are now processed in a certified commercial kitchen and are protected by product liability insurance. 

With our continued expansion, the health of our land and sugar bush is very important to our Herman Hills Family. The naturally GMO free trees as well as a landscape untouched by toxic runoff from commercial farming practices such as artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides offered us a very precious, unspoiled opportunity. Steps we take to ensure assure the sustainability of our beloved century old trees include:

* Year round land management and equipment maintenance
* Annual attendance at Maple conferences
* Membership with the Commercial Maple Syrup Producers of Michigan and the Michigan Maple Association 

Also important to our sugar bush family is our relationship with the community. 
* We use local businesses for supplies, materials, and advertising
* We love giving back by creating pure maple product gift baskets as donations to our local fundraisers and are proud sponsors for the Tower City Race Team
* We support our local food bank by donating pure, nutritious maple syrup and maple sugar for our neighbors in need
* Our business is supported locally through retailers and restaurants carrying our products, as well as through businesses using our Pure Maple products in theirs (sausages, beer and hard cider)

We highly value the relationships we make through our business and are excited to expand these connections from our local community to farther horizons through creating relationships with businesses like yours.

Why should you use 100% Pure Herman Hills Maple syrup and Maple Sugar? 100% Pure Maple syrup and sugar is NUTRITIOUS! This wonderfully natural sweetener provides a mineral rich content of MAGANESE, B2, ZINC, MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM, and POTASIUM. It also provides ANTIOXIDENTS as well as PHYTOCHEMICALS ( lignans, coumarins and stilbene ) Maple is lower on the Glycemic Index than cane sugar (Maple rates 54 while cane sugar rates 68). Our Herman Hills Maple products are ethically harvested, minimally processed and are naturally GMO free. And best of all… the WONDEFUL MAPLE FLAVOR ….accented by smooth caramel / butterscotch undertones.

Herman Hills 100% Maple Syrup and Sugar are easily exchanged in any recipe. Move over pancakes! Maple is not just for breakfast anymore. Use it in baking, cooking, rubs , marinates…wherever a touch of sweetness is desired. Simply replace in equal portions the cane sugar with Maple Sugar. To use Maple Syrup, swap out 1 cup of cane sugar with 3/4 cup Maple Syrup and reduce by 3 tablespoons the other liquid content. You will notice that baked goods will be a bit darker and will brown quicker due to the rich Maple color.

As always, sugars should be consumed in moderation to ensure a healthy diet. However, when indulging in a sweet treat or looking for a little touch of sweetness, it is best to use a natural ingredient. Herman Hills 100% Pure Maple Syrup and Sugar is an excellent choice. When purchasing and consuming our superior products, you are getting the very best of what the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to offer!

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