The HealthKOS™ COVID19 Rapid Response Telehealth Kit

In response to COVID-19, the Leadership of HealthKOS™, which provides an end-to-end digital healthcare platform offering comprehensive Care Coordination and Remote Patient Monitoring functionality, has launched the COVID19 Rapid Response Telehealth Kit, allowing providers the ability to engage and treat patients safely and effectively at a distance.

Dr. Navven Goel, CEO of HealthKOS™, states, “With the emergence and impact of COVID-19, there is an urgency to expand the use of digital and real time interaction with patient, both for the benefit of the patient and healthcare team.  This digital interaction will allow for less or mildly sick patients to gain treatment or even initial screening outside the office setting or hospital setting and sicker patients can be directed to appropriate sites of care.  Many providers are using telehealth options which is fantastic, but they are missing some of the important real time and patient engagement features which the HealthKOS™ COVID19 Telehealth Kit includes and makes it different than other solutions available.” The COVID19 Rapid Response Telehealth Kit is allowing providers the ability to engage and treat patients safely and effectively at a distance.

The HealthKOS™ COVID19 Telehealth Kit:

  • Daily Interactive COVID-19 enables check-ins and engagement with the patient;  delivers health surveys and timely, informational alerts, updates, and videos
  • TeleHealth Consults with integrated clinical documentation, put ability to conduct virtual check-ins to triage patients and schedule Telehealth Visits
  • Patient Urgent Help Button enables patients to contact a provider remotely in the event of an emergency or urgent health event
  • Remote Patient Monitoring allows physicians to remotely monitor patient vital signs (such as temperature and O2 levels) and medication adherence, to support clinical decision-making at a distance and to enable timely interventions as needed
  • Cloud-based Platform, HealthKOS can be launched within a week, with user-friendly functionality and integration with exiting EMR & Billing Systems
  • The HealthKOS Platform was designed and created by physicians and healthcare experts to ensure efficient administrative workflows, accurate clinical documentation, and active patient engagement

For more information about the HealthKOS™ COVID19 Rapid Response Telehealth Kit, please reach out to or call us at: (855) 227-3567. The HealthKOS team will be on hand and ready to help.

Given the urgency of the COVID19 crisis, and depending on your specific circumstances and the size of the community under your care, the HealthKOS™ platform may be provided at low or no cost. HealthKOS™ wants to help ensure that vulnerable patients and at-risk communities receive the care they need and that providers are as safe as possible.

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