The Haus of Noire Presents the Noire Charity Fashion Show at Roulette Theater in Brooklyn, NY

The charity fashion show puts kids first and helps them use fashion for good.

Situated in the center of Brooklyn, the Roulette Theater transformed on a vibrant evening in May. It was here that Haus of Noire unfolded its night of fashion and philanthropy. Ray Lyles, the founder of Haus of Noire, brought this vision to life with a charity fashion show that celebrated the energy of New York’s fashion scene while igniting hope and empowerment among the youth. This event used glitz and glamor to uplift, inspire, and empower the next generation, by helping underprivileged youth access creative arts programs at the Haus of Noire University.

At the heart of the event: Roulette Theater Brooklyn NY

This renowned venue, known for its storied past and vibrant acoustics, morphed into an electrifying runway for the Haus of Noire charity fashion show. As each model strutted down the runway, they brought to life the imaginative collections crafted by emerging designers. These designers, the bright sparks of New York’s fashion future, showcased an eclectic mix of styles.

 Each piece told a story of bold creativity and innovation, from avant-garde couture that challenged the norms to streetwear-inspired ensembles that resonated with the city’s heartbeat. The Roulette Theater became a place where dreams took shape and new fashion narratives were written, celebrating style and the spirit of artistic freedom.

A cause for youth empowerment

Beyond the runway glamor, the Haus of Noire charity fashion show held at the Roulette Theater served a deeper purpose. Every ticket sold, every applause that echoed in the theater, contributed to a noble cause: empowering underprivileged youth through art.

Haus of Noire, at its core, is an art charity committed to transforming young lives. Its mission stretches far beyond the aesthetics of fashion, aiming to nurture the self-esteem and artistic expression of children and young adults aged 5-25. These creative arts programs are a haven of inspiration and growth, where young minds discover their potential and learn to dream bigger.

This monumental event was not made possible by Ray Lyles’ vision alone.  The unwavering support of generous sponsors and partners brought the vision to life—they invested in the future of art and youth, helping to shape the next generation of creative leaders and thinkers.

Haus of Noire beyond the runway

The Roulette Theater’s charity fashion show, orchestrated by Haus of Noire, resonated far beyond the realm of style, leaving an indelible mark on everyone involved. The audience, mesmerized by the display of creativity and purpose, witnessed a movement of change and hope taking shape.

This charity fashion show was a source of youth empowerment, significantly enhancing self-esteem and self-expression among young creatives. The event inspired a community to rally around its future leaders and artists, donating all of the proceeds to help underprivileged kids access creative education.

Reaching dreams through fashion

As the curtains closed on the Roulette Theater’s charity fashion show, Haus of Noire left an inspiring message: fashion is a powerful tool for change. This event showcased emerging local talent while kindling a brighter future for youth, proving that fashion can indeed be a force for good.

To learn more, contact Ray Lyles (L.A.Ray) at or call (917) 776-1635.

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