The Grandfather Of All Razors Brings Back Class

Whether it is trimming a beard, eradicating peach fuzz, or removing a moustache, razors are an everyday part of our world, so why not do it in style with elegant Dave Ocean 33 blades.

October 10, 2016 – As the price of the disposable razor head continues to rise with no sound reason, many men are becoming frustrated with the same franchised brands and their unreasonable prices. As a result these brave men have turned to more study, high-end options that last. Dave Ocean 33 is perhaps the most effective of these options. For under $60 anyone can purchase a full set including a sculpted wood and metal hand, a carrying case, and ten premium Atlas razor blades, lasting a total of four months.

To augment this permanence of a Dave Ocean 33 razor set, bulk Astra & feather razor blade replacements are available under a quarter each. To ensure this affordability is paired with far superior quality, Dave Ocean 33 starts with the most outstanding materials available. The razors are crafted of finished palisander french wood and lustrous chrome paired with a smooth walnut wood finish. This sort of attention to detail yields a fluid shave that is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or skin prone to nicks or scratches. This level of quality alongside a masterfully designed appearance makes a Dave Ocean 33 razor set the perfect gift with the gorgeous display of their complimentary gift wrapping

And for those in favor of old-school-cool, Dave Ocean 33 just released their latest blade: Orbit 99 & There New Updated 23c Edition As Featured In NY Times Magazine August 28th

After receiving massive demand, the esteemed company decided to revamp the parker 99r Style razor while keeping the same key benefits. The simplicity of a single blade is almost the most refreshing feature, second only to the shave itself. Yet the tuned weight and balanced of the blade makes it incredibly easy for even beginners to start their first classic wet shave. With a butterfly-style opening Orbit makes for a stunning modern gift while showing age-old elegance.

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About Dave Ocean 33

Dave Ocean 33 is a brand dedicated to selling superior products. Their shelves are stocked with everything from excellent razors to revolutionary virtual reality products. These razors are available in two colors: gold and chrome. Due to an accidental oversupply, the gold version is on sale at a $20 reduced price, representing the transparency of the company. In addition, any razor purchased from Dave Ocean 33 qualifies for a 100% money-back guarantee if any customer is the least bit displeased, no questions asked.

To purchase a Dave Ocean 33 Razor Set visit their Amazon selling page.

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