The Global Times Earns Praises and Commendations

“The English-language Global Times is your key to understanding China‚Äôs changes”
The Global Times successful earned the trust of various readers, both Chinese and Foreign including business leaders, ambassadors, intellectuals, and politicians.

Through providing in-depth news coverage and most reliable stories from throughout China written using the global language – English, the Global Times never failed to earn the trust not only of the crowd of China-watcher but also of the international press and public entities. Established in 2009, the newspaper has already earned various praises and commendations in that short time span.

Commendations and Praises from International Press

The Global Times, an English-Language newspaper, established in April 2009, is currently referred as one of the most dynamic media players among the pool of Chinese media. It has quickly become the nation’s leading English newspaper. The newspaper features variety of controversial stories from urban renewal to AID child victims, battle against corruption, force demolition, as well as heated debates over the toughest issues faced by China every single day featured in its opinion page. Everything that a China-watcher probably needs to remain updated of the latest happenings in China is already here – from world news, business news, biz news, politics news, military news and so much more.

With its news and stories known for reliability, the newspaper eventually gains massive success. The success is likely measured by the attention that the newspaper has drawn from the international press, viewing the paper as the trustworthy source. The Global Times has also garnered attention and commendation from a long-standing newspaper that believes in internationalism, free trade, and minimum government interference – The Economist. The Economist has called the Global Times as a remarkable innovation that addresses the realms that were once thought as taboo. Another international press that express their commendation for the Global Times is no other than The Wall Street Journal, which praises the newspaper’s insightful stories.

However, the newspaper was able to earn trust not only from the international press but also from the academe figures. The Global Times successful earned the trust of various readers, both Chinese and Foreign including business leaders, ambassadors, intellectuals, and politicians. Moreover, with the renowned credibility and reliability, the Global Times stories are also used by those in the academe as a teaching tool in educating the future elites of the country.

The Mexican Ambassador to the country of China, Jorge Guardo has also given a praise stating that the Global Times is a must-read for those who wish to understand China.

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