The Future of Electric Semi Trucks – Canadian Company Takes the Transportation Industry by Storm

The Future of Electric Semi Trucks - Canadian Company Takes the Transportation Industry by Storm
Edison Motors is a revolutionary company that specializes in the design, development, and production of electric semi-trucks. Founded by Chace Barber and Eric Little, this privately owned Canadian clean technology company has quickly made a name for itself in the industry, thanks to its innovative approach to manufacturing electric trucks that deliver fuel savings without compromise.

In just one year, Edison Motors has gone from concept to production, with over 330 companies reserving an Edison truck. This is an incredible accomplishment for any automobile manufacturer and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Edison Motors team. The company’s niche audience is truckers and the car technology industry, and it has quickly become a leader in this space.

In December 2021, Edison Motors was announced to the public and by July 2022, the company had built North America’s first electric logging truck. The company completed prototype testing in October 2022 and began building its first production truck, the Edison L750, in November 2022.

The Edison Truck is the result of a trucking company that remanufactured classic logging trucks with its engineering expertise in off-grid hybrid power systems. The Edison team aims to have the reliability and serviceability of a classic semi-truck with the efficiency, power, and emissions standards of an electric truck. Being a small truck manufacturer is not a weakness for Edison Motors, but rather a strength, as each truck is built by hand to meet the customers’ requirements.

The company’s simple five-step manufacturing process includes: the frame and rolling chassis preparation and construction, where the frame rails are laid out, cross members, and suspension attached to customers’ specifications; axle installation, where the e-axles are attached to the frame and sent off to the paint booth to be painted and protected; high-voltage system installation, which includes the installation of batteries and optional range-extended generators; cab assembly and mounting, where the cab is pre-wired with the electric control units at the same time the chassis is being made and then painted and mounted to the truck; and final touches, where the 12-volt system is installed, and final preparation touches are made to finish the truck.

All Edison trucks are subject to a 1000km test drive before being allowed to be delivered to the customer. This rigorous testing process ensures that most new truck problems can be found and addressed within the first 1000km, so when an Edison truck arrives at the customer, it has been fully tested and is ready to go to work.

The founders of Edison Motors, Chace Barber and Eric Little, entered a business partnership in 2016 after graduating from university and starting a trucking company with a 1969 Kenworth 5-axle logging truck. They began hauling logs in Merritt, BC, and then moved on to hauling mining equipment into the Yukon and drilling rigs in Alberta before returning to BC logging.

In conclusion, Edison Motors the Canadian Clean Technology Company founded by Chace Barber and Eric Little in 2016, after they graduated from university, has grown to a valuation of $300 million and has completed prototype testing and begun production of their first truck, the Edison L750. The company aims to produce electric and hybrid vocational trucks and EV conversion kits that deliver fuel savings without compromise and has a niche audience of truckers and the car technology industry.

“Built by truckers, for truckers” – Edison Motors

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