The Founder of Lightspeed Tech Ezekiel Osborne Discusses The Solution To Move The Blockchain Industry To The Next Level During His Recent Interview With Khaleej Times

Renowned and young entrepreneur Ezekiel Osborne proudly announces that he was recently covered by Khaleej Times.  The young entrepreneur who was an early adopter of famous and generally accepted cryptocurrency; bitcoin discusses the problems facing the blockchain industry and also explained the solutions to the problems. Between 2015 and 2017, the blockchain industry stood still as a result of no innovation and technology to support the industry. There was no growth it needed to mature, and a current and relatable problem now is that there are no banking solutions to tackle this pressing issue.  

“I have been in the industry since its inception, and the biggest hindrance of it is the immaturity of the technology and factors that would stimulate mass adoption, which would ease the spending of cryptocurrency”, said Ezekiel Osborne the founder of Lightspeed Tech while discussing the problems facing the blockchain industry.  While talking about the solution he said, “If everyone could spend their bitcoin or other currencies conveniently, it would become a mainstream”.  And because of this, Osborne believes that it’s very important to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone in order to curb this problem.

A recent study by Accenture shows that by the year 2020, 26% of “Millennial”, which include people aged 18 to 34, are expected to be using digital currencies on a daily or weekly basis. However, bridging the gap between immature markets and cryptocurrency poses a great challenge and because of this Lightspeed Tech aims to offer a unique solution by providing the options and key tools to users and investors.

“As a tech development company we specialize in a multi-facet of sectors like blockchain development, artificial intelligence, process automation, cryptocurrency, and government department solutions are just a few of the areas of our expertise. We started the company in 2015, purely focused on blockchain development”. Ezekiel Osborne added while talking about the aim of Lightspeed Tech.

In addition to educating the masses and providing solutions, Osborne is launching his own ICO at the end of October. He recognized a problem for developers and investors in the real estate space and decided to address the issue with an innovative solution. Osborne and his team have recently developed the first Real Estate STO (Security Token) Exchange. This will be an online exchange that will allow the facilitation of trades for the tokenized property.

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About Ezekiel Osborne

Ezekiel Osborne is a young entrepreneur that hails from a self-described obscure town. He faced challenges which served as a catalyst towards his success.  Combined with his business acumen and strong work ethic, Osborne’s transition into becoming an entrepreneur was inevitable because he was always keen from his young age to partake in ventures which would make an impact.

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