The following is an introduction on Hl-85 Battery Powered Cable Cutter

HL-85 Battery Powered Cable Cutters are used for cutting Cu/Al cable and armored cable. The fuselage weighs only 8.8 kgs and the operator can hold it with one hand to cut. The tool itself is ergonomically designed to ensure stability even with one hand and to greatly reduce fatigue during continuous operation.


1. Closed cutting head with bolt interlock, rotatable, flip top style

2. Ergonomic 2-component plastic housing with soft linings for comfortable and safe one hand operation

3. If a deviation from the set operation pressure or low battery charges is ldentified, an acoustic signal sounds and a red display flashes.

4. One key control–press the trigger to start working, release the trigger to stop pressurizing, if people want to continue pressurizing, press the trigger again until the pressure reaches the maximum, the piston will automatically return to the original position.

5. A temperature sensor makes the tool stop working automatically when the temperature is over 60°C under long time working, the fault signal sounds, it means the tool can′t continue to work until the temperature reduced to the normal.

6. Environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil, quickly biodegradable

7. 2-stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke

8. High-performance 18V Lithium-ions batteries with high capacity and extremely short charging time



HL-85 Battery powered Cutting Tools

Cutting range:

Φ85mm Cu/Al cable
Cutting force: 60KN


Cutting cycle: 8s-15s(depend on the sizeļ¼‰

Battery voltage:

18v /4.0Ah Li-Ion

Charging time:

Approx 1.5 hours
Weight: Approx. 8.8kg

Carton size:



One pc/Aluminum alloy case/Cardboard box
Product standard: 1pcs of tool, 2pcs of Li-Ion battery, 1pcs of charger, 1pcs of plastic case, 1pcs of straps, 1pcs of manual

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