The Flickering Light: Indy Feature Film Like No Other is Coming Soon!

Inspiring Feature Length Indy Film is Currently Seeking Public Support on Kickstarter’s Crowdfunding Platform

Robb Chase, an American author and filmmaker has announced that he will be seeking public support for the production and release of his latest feature length Indy film, The Flickering Light. The film will bring talent and story to an audience that has never been seen before.

The dedicated cast and crew are eager to share their talent and skills with the world and in order to do that, they need public support. The goal of this inspiring Indy Feature Film is to raise $5000 by Sunday April 30, 2017 and everyone is welcome to back it on Kickstarter.

Storytelling is a tradition as old as mankind and the film itself will be a storytelling like never before. Amanda Brade, Morrison James, Nate Haban, John Mak, Landon Simececk and Alex Falk are some of the names from the cast and crew of the film. According to the cast, they have performed some of the most inspiring scenes ever. The cast did not give away anything in their interviews and they don’t want to spoil anything for the audience. However, according to all the cast members, the story is really strong and moving.

Feature length Indy films like these cannot be made without help and therefore, the creators of this inspiring movie with a strong storyline are seeking support. All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will play a major role in bringing this inspiring story to reality and everyone is welcome to back The Flickering Light on Kickstarter using the following link:

About This Project:

The Flickering Light is an Indy Feature Length film with a rich story and inspiring theme for everyone to enjoy. The makers of this project are currently seeking public support on Kickstarter and are welcoming everyone to back the film.

Media Contact
Company Name: Flicker Productions
Contact Person: Robb Chase
Phone: 2623747376
City: Genoa City
State: Wisconsin
Country: United States