The First Novaland Media & Sailing Marketing Media Influencer Awards Party Was A Resounding Success

“The very first installment of the Novaland Media&Sailing Marketing Media Influencer Awards party took place on January 5th, and it saw only five amongst all of the 150 participants win the most important and prestigious titles on the basis of their achievement and efforts.”

Sailing Marketing Inc and Novaland Media organized the very first Sailing Marketing Media Influencer Award Party on Jan 5th, 2019 to resounding success, where more than 150 individuals participated, and five of them were specifically chosen, and recognized in terms of their accomplishments and efforts in the “influencing” domain.

The event was hosted at TENTEN Willshire in Downtown Los Angeles and was very positively received by all. Moreover, the apparent idea for perpetrating an award show of this kind was something that had been quite stringently followed and conceived due to help from a number of parties. As already stated, Novaland Media and Sailing Marketing Inc. were primarily responsible for the organization of the event and attracting all the necessary parties to make it truly meaningful.

Additionally, it was also sponsored by the clothing brand Dresslily, the wig distributers “Chantiche and Kryssma”, and the famous Bluetooth speaker manufacturing company known as Aomais.

The five highest honors were further augmented by 40 other influencers who were able to win various prizes from various sponsors through their raffle tickets. Amongst all the highly respected and equally recognized participants, Natasha Najjar won the Best Streamer of the Year”. She goes by the online persona of “Countcolors” across all of her social media platforms, and has above 400k followers upon Liveme, the biggest streaming platform in the US. Her vegan cooking shows have been a part of many lives every night when Natasha airs each new episode.

Jack Jerry was awarded the “The Fastest Growing Talent” award given that he has experienced the greatest forms of increase in subscriber and streaming numbers across 2018. His move from Michigan to LA in order to propagate his follower base was successful, given that there was an approximately 600k in Like followers, as well as almost 249k increase in TikTok. Lei Jin won the “Best Performer Award”, and the “Best Video Creator” title was taken home by Megan McIver. The incumbent and official “Best New Artist” was won by Christie Clements. These five famous online personalities were able to derive through their own resources and efforts, the greatest possible extent of reach and followers through their hard work and consistent quality maintenance. 


Sailing Marketing Inc. works in concert with Novaland Media to specifically try to maintain their brand name and value in terms of overall entertaining Marketing and PR. As a truly great and fast-rising brand in the influencer market, Since then, the brand has been able to bring 150 specific influencers on board, as well as more than 200 gamers in the online community. It performs its operations quite closely with known social media platforms that are most used by influencers, namely TikTok, Like, Vigo etc. The influencers who have worked with the company has been able to witness a viral growth in both their streaming numbers, as well as permanent subscribers.  

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