BlockCoin Blue and BlockCoin Red, the first ever Dual Backed Cryptocurrency launches in the most exciting way.

BlockCoin’s goal is to feed a Third of the world’s population by offering Facebook users a Free Block Coin that they can redeem when the company goes public on the block Chain market. Being the first of its kind, BlockCoin Red believes that it can make the greatest socio-economic impact by giving investors and early participants another opportunity to tap into the world of cryptocurrency, just like the advent of Bitcoin.

BlockCoin Red is set to deliver a groundbreaking agenda, developed on an advanced platform which guarantees that the coin will be the most stable cryptocurrency ever created.

“Our team of experts are knowledgeable in not only blockchain and financial regulation but also in the complexities of Wall Street, and as such are equipped with invaluable insight into the future of cryptocurrency and other virtual exchanges,” said  David Silverstein, CEO and Founder of BlockCoin Red.

“We aim to use BlockCoin to create a new set of multi-Millionaires in the world of Cryptocurrency.”

BlockCoin Blue and BlockCoin Red is a wholly different and unique approach that has never been seen on the Blockchain platform. While experts see this concept as one of the greatest opportunities since the creation of Bitcoin, it also sets itself apart from other cryptocurrencies in so many ways. Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, BlockCoin Blue and BlockCoin Red are backed by Digital BlockCoin Purchases. This means that when someone buys into Block Coins by purchasing Coins, his or her purchase increases the value of the coins automatically. Another amazing factor is the fact that BlockCoin purchases increase 100% from the point of purchase.

As BlockCoin Blue and BlockCoin Red look set to skyrocket after the launch, the company will be utilizing blockchain technology with the ultimate goal of creating a system that provides financial incentive to virtually everyone. Using Facebook gives BlockCoin Red an edge to reach out to One-Third of the World’s population and offer them free Block Coins, which they can redeem when the company goes public. Although this offer will be limited to the early birds, it simply means that anyone can take advantage of the opportunity. Anyone can also earn BlockCoins by referring others to the BlockCoin Marketplace.

The system has been designed in a way that the Value of the BlockCoin and its Initial Coin Offering will not dip or make a downward spiral. The company has successfully streamlined a user-friendly technology interface and with the help of various partners, made the platform accessible globally.

While the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown tremendously over the years, getting a cryptocurrency that really stands out of the crowd has always been a problem. Now you have the opportunity to take part in one of such, being the only dual backed Digital currency in the world.

Visit the site to purchase coins on the site now, which by all projections will be worth over $40,000 a coin by the time of the official launch on BlockChain. Also, join the Facebook Group as they are set to begin giving each person on Facebook one Block Coin:

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