The Fertility and Gynaecology Academy is Now Online

There are many fertility clinics that ensure to take full care of visitors after an appointment. However, the Fertility and Gynaecology Academy is the one that starts taking care of visitors even before they book an appointment. This is evident from its new Web site that aims to impart knowledge that any couple can understand and needs to do so before booking an appointment.

It can be daunting for many couples to proceed towards a fertility treatment. It is just not at all easy for them but it can be easy with a true mentor. This is exactly what the Fertility and Gynaecology Academy wishes to play the role of! Regarded as one of the most reliable and fully-equipped clinics in London, this academy focuses on making a couple fully prepared.

It’s stepping stone towards it by sharing useful background information before the first consultation. This is evident on its new Web site’s Further Reading section where there is information about patient support and pre-treatment advice, infertility, IVF process, consent, and initial consultation.  

According to a spokesperson, “If you are planning to go for a fertility treatment with us, it is essential to familiarise with this information before an appointment. Doing so makes one get the most from our consultation.”

The new site also shares more information on fertility tests, miscarriage, pregnancy trials, reproductive immunology, and unsuccessful IVF. The clinic also has its own blog about the different treatments of infertility, problems related to infertility, and some commonly asked questions. There is also a dedicated section for fees, where one can know the cost of various types of consultations, diverse treatments, various tests, and different surgeries and therapies.

According to a spokesperson, “We recognise the fact that undergoing diagnosis and treatment of infertility can be very stressful. This is because of the intrinsic emotions and the involved overall cost. However, we feel proud to deliver an exceptional level of care so that couples feel fully supported throughout their drive with us.”

About Fertility and Gynaecology Academy

As the name suggests, The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy is a leading IVF and fertility in London. It is a provider of comprehensive services related to gynaecology care, which also includes different surgeries.  It is also among a handful of U.K-based IVF clinics providing reproductive immunology treatments.

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