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September 19, 2018 – The EssBee Foundation has been working to bridge the gender inequality gap in South Africa by promoting #PreservationThroughEducation. Founded in 2016, their activities have included tutoring and mentoring of underprivileged children, predominantly girls in South Africa. From 2019, the foundation aims to start funding tertiary education and would appreciate your help in exchange for a chance to win a trip for two to South Africa.


Research and statistics show that South African girls drop out of school due to lack of adequate resources and sanitation, unplanned pregnancy and lack of tutoring and mentoring on life skills and lessons. Those who manage to complete school and enter the workforce or complete a tertiary qualification and enter the workforce still remain underpaid when compared to their male counterparts, despite having equal education and corporate experience.

The EssBee Foundation has launched a campaign to raise $1 million through an organized competition where the winner gets a free trip for two to South Africa and the privilege to experience the foundation’s #PowerWomenEmpower breakfast in December 2018. Interested participants can donate to the foundation for automatic entry into the competition. Proceeds will be used to fund tertiary education for girls, therefore contributing to the foundation’s purpose of reducing the gender inequality gap in South Africa.

The EssBee Foundation’s Founding Director & Chairperson, Shenai Bridglall said “I want to provide girls with the resources to become somebodiesinstead of somebody’s.” She further stated that, “South Africa has incredibly powerful and inspirational women who have fought tirelessly for their rights and an equal standing, yet the statistics are still skewed when it comes to women at tertiary institutions and corporates; A woman should never be delimited from pursuing her dreams based on the grounds that ‘a girl can’t do’.”

About The EssBee Foundation

The EssBee Foundation is a registered South African non-profit organization that aims to reduce the gender inequality gap by promoting #PreservationThroughEducation. Initially, the foundation was founded on the basis of 4 pillars (education, nutrition, personal hygiene and women empowerment) but has changed its mission since July, 2018. The foundation’s volunteers now tutor and mentor children, predominantly girls, from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa to assist them to excel at school and get placement at a tertiary institution. From 2019, the foundation will start funding tertiary education, in their quest to reduce the gender inequality gap in South Africa.

The EssBee Foundation’s Founding Team

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