The E-Roller is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide

The E-Roller is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide

“E-Roller… the New, Better, Faster way to paint!”
The exciting thing about the E-Roller is that it is a solution to a problem that has existed for nearly 100 years and everyone is familiar with. There is one tool to paint a wall, that was invented almost a century ago, and it has never changed. Everyone owns it, everyone knows it is uncomfortable, and everyone knows that there is no other option… until now!

After nearly 100 years of using the same tool, there is finally a better way to paint! There is a very familiar problem with painting… it hurts! We have been using the same old traditional paint roller because there are no other options… UNTIL NOW!

There are 3 simple reasons why the world needs the E-Roller:

1) The Traditional Paint Roller Hurts: The E-Roller was invented to specifically address the pain and discomfort caused by a traditional paint roller. The patented design allows you to rely on body-weight and major muscle groups including the shoulder and back. The triple-cross-member design allows the wrist to remain relaxed and requires very little effort from the hand and fingers when in use.

2) There Are No Other Options: Homeowners use paint rollers, paint rollers, and… oh, paint rollers! Everyone is familiar with the discomfort experienced from painting because EVERYONE has had to use the plain old paint roller…because that’s the only option we have ever had. UNTIL NOW! There have been NO true alternatives to the traditional paint roller created since its invention. If you plan to paint a wall… you buy a paint roller. That’s it! Some have developed ways to pump paint through tubes to go directly into the roller, some professionals use sprayers and other gadgets but stuff like that is expensive, messy, and complicated. The E-Roller is a low cost easy to use tool that works!

3) Not Designed for Comfort: Since the paint roller was originally introduced in the 1940’s, the design has changed very little. We are required to grasp the handle and continuously apply force directly from the wrist, which controls all motion. Other companies have recognized the need for an ergonomic solution to the paint roller. They might have added a squishy rubber handle and called it “ergonomic” but it in fact does nothing to address the true problem of the original design. The E-Roller is the first tool to address the basic design flaws of the traditional paint roller, allowing you to paint easier, faster, and better!

When consumers see the E-Roller for the first time, they immediately understand what it is and why it was invented. The excitement of this new product is enough to add it to the paint aisle of any store. Do yourself, your customers, and everyone around you a favor by joining the painting revolution, with the E-Roller!

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