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June 19, Tuya attended the membership meeting organized by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in Boston, USA. As a member of the Alliance and an early participant in the Matter agreement, Tuya demonstrated new advances in supporting Matter solutions for developers around the world. 

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Tuya helps customers build core competitiveness of Matter equipment

More and more companies hope to develop matter equipment, then can catch the trend of  smart home industry. Tuya continues to expand Matter product solutions and provide personalized function additions to help brand owners, channel operators and other customers build market competitiveness.

Products side, Tuya has successfully obtained the official certification of motion sensing equipment and contact sensing equipment, powered by tuya, and achieved the official certification of nearly 100+ products in the four main categories of electrician, lighting like Revolution Led Panel light, gateway and sensing.

In addition, Tuya’s hardware solutions almost covered all kinds of smart home things 

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Developing capabilities side, based on market experience and core technical capabilities, Tuya also has a fully functional and easy-to-operate IoT development platform, which can help developers achieve independent and controllable development of Matter devices and provide customers with more personalized choices.

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One-stop access to Matter equipment official certification 

Quickly grasp market opportunities

When clients finish development of matter products, usually need very long time to get approvals. Tuya can help clients pass this period fast, which is one key advantage of tuya.

By far, more and more customers accept tuya solution and believe its powerful LoT technical strength 

Integrated development of smart home ecology
Unlock cross-protocol and cross-ecological connectivity with one click

Firstly, Clients can make tuya lot internet proudcts  support non-matter products, which achieve cross-protocol and cross-ecological connect.

Secondly, customer-developed Matter devices can also be seamlessly integrated into the mainstream smart home ecosystem. Matter-certified devices built by customers through the Tuya IoT development platform can be instantly compatible with mainstream ecosystems such as Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

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The Era Smart Lighting,turn a new page

In the future, Tuya  will continue to consolidate the technical foundation, continuously improve the development platform capabilities, optimize the one-stop development experience of the whole process, embrace changes in an open and neutral ecology, work with brand owners, channel operators, ecological partners and other partners to continue to expand the global application of Matter, explore the new value of the development of smart home industry, and jointly create the future of “all things intelligent”.

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