The End Of An Era: Crowdera, New Online Fundraising Platform, Puts Stop To Conventional Donor-Dipping Model

If you want to accept donations through your website without loosing any commission, then the free Crowdera donate button or fundraising widget provides an easy way to do so. Not only this integration is absolutely free, you can also have your own fundraising website and campaigns hosted on Crowdera, absolutely free.

MENLO PARK, CA – December 22nd, 2017 – There is hope for the future of hard-working American non-profits and social innovators. Crowdera, a brand new online fundraising platform, is doing away with the conventional commission based (donor dipping) fundraising model, allowing young nonprofits and first-time fundraisers to secure the necessary funds for their various projects, without losing a significant portion of their accrued capital to platform-related fees.

Employing a freemium model, Crowdera’s fundraising features are free for the majority of fledgling nonprofits and first-time fundraisers. For mature fundraisers, the company charges a monthly fee for its value added SaaS (software as a service) specially designed for nonprofit organizations or anyone who is interested in raising funds for charity. The latter can be customized to reflect each non-profit’s branding, and further be used to launch its campaigns, in a matter of minutes.

Crowdera offers much more than just a simple donation widget, website button or a campaign, it also offers robust tools to help you manage your fundraising efforts in their entirety including automatic dispatch of donation receipts, donor management, custom reports and much more. The donor funds are instantly transferred to fundraisers’ accounts – regardless of whether they have hit as little as 1% of their original financial goal. Offering multiple payment gateways, including WePay, PayPal, PayU and FirstGiving, the platform facilitates transactions, according to each organization’s preferences. Entirely mobile-friendly, Crowdera can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or smart device, while its Teams function helps each organization’s fundraising team members to “share their individuals stories, define their own goals, and even their own perks”.

Speaking of Crowdera, Mr. Chet Jain, the platform’s founder, said that “Only 7.2 percent of the $390 billion raised by the U.S. nonprofits in 2016, was raised online – and that is because commission-hungry platforms are keeping cost conscious non-profits from exploiting what is otherwise an amazing means of fundraising. I encountered the same issue myself, while I was trying to set up my first fundraising initiative to support education of underprivileged adults and kids in rural India. This experience acted as inspiration to found Crowdera.”

Gokul Rajaram, the Ads Godfather and Square’s Engineering leader who is also mentor to Jain, had this to say: I’m impressed with crowdera’s mission & how single-mindedly they are focused on solving a problem that is important & that really matters.

“To date, over 1600 campaigns by nonprofits, social innovators, volunteers, individuals have run on the platform. Crowdera has helped make a difference in more than 30000 lives from all around the world, while this number is growing with each passing day, as new projects are listed, and backed, through the platform. To us, this serves as the greatest testament to our success.” Jain said.

Some notable fundraisers using Crowdera include ISKCON Food Relief Foundation “Annamrita”, Life Vest Inside, Slum Soccer, Prajwala by Padmashree Dr. Suneetha Krishnan, Two Cents of Hope, Filmmaker Rajat Kapoor, Roya Mahboob, Times Awardee Afgan Social Entrepreneur from NY, and many others.

In 2015, Ray Umashankar, CEO of Asset India Foundation made an online donation of $25000, the largest ever single transaction donation on any crowdfunding platform in the world. Many technology executives, philanthropists and celebrities have since then donated to various causes on Crowdera’s platform

Those interested in setting up a campaign through Crowdera can do so in as little as five minutes by following the instructions on the website’s dedicated campaign creation page.

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