\”The Empowerment QueenTM\” Introduces \”The Universal Attraction System\” with New Book

CAMDEN COUNTY, NJ – Mujiba Salaam Parker, also known as “The Empowerment QueenTM”, introduces “The Universal Attraction System” in her new book designed to help her readers get what they want in life. Her new book entitled The Universal Attraction System: How to Easily Attract Your Desires FAST!

Ms. Parker has been teaching others how they can improve their lives for many years. She has been doing this through her various books and other products designed to provide the necessary knowledge on multiple topics. Recently, Ms. Parker released a new book where she introduced the idea of “The Universal Attraction System.” Her new book explains the universal laws and their impact on everyone’s lives.

The universal laws are all-powerful, and in her newly published book, Ms. Parker informs her readers how to apply these laws correctly and in a way that will benefit them.  Without the knowledge of the universal laws and how they can be used to one’s advantage, people are likely to continue being unhappy and unable to have what they want. The universe has many laws that govern the lives of everyone in it.

It is an essential knowledge that everyone will do great to know, but most don’t. In her book, Ms. Parker introduces these universal laws to her readers providing them a system to utilize the laws to their advantage. In her book, she reveals how her readers can learn what they truly want, along with a 3-step process to attract one’s desires. Moreover, she indicated in her book the different free and low-cost tools people can use and the seven things that have to be released for a person to receive specific requests. These are only among the many valuable information included in The Universal Attraction System. According to Ms. Parker herself, she used the step-by-step information she explained in her book to pay for her mortgage, student loan debt, and car loan. Her system has been tried and tested to help draw positive outcomes to one’s life. “The Empowerment QueenTM” aims to touch the lives of many people through her books and teachings.

Currently, she is offering a free Universal Attraction System Workbook that helps for the information to be better retained and appropriately used to get the desired results. Interested buyers can immediately download the free workbook and order their copy of The Universal Attraction System at www.TheUniversalBook.com. Ms. Parker is excited for her new book, hoping that it will be a catalyst that spurs many people to obtain what they desire.  
“My purpose for writing this book is to provide an instruction manual on how to use universal laws to live life to the fullest, by asking for what you want and receiving it,” she stated. In that regard, Ms. Parker has recorded a video on the ‘5 Reasons Why You Should Ask God for What You Want’. Readers can find it as well on the book’s website along with all other information about her new book.

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