The direct-fired absorption chiller has been perfectly upgraded for another 20 years

The two 3500kW direct-fired LiBr absorption chillers from Hope Deepblue, put into operation in 2005, have run smoothly and reliably for nearly 20 years, earning customer trust. In 2023, due to building upgrades, rising natural gas prices, and increased operating costs, the user initially planned to replace the chillers with electric ones and combination boilers. During a return visit, Hope Deepblue’s after-sales service engineer found the units in good condition with excellent vacuum conditions but noted that the aging electronic control system affected performance.

The engineer suggested upgrading the control system, adding an electric refrigeration unit for summer cooling, and keeping the two direct-fired absorption chillers as backups. For winter heating, the chillers would continue to be used. This approach would significantly reduce renovation and operating costs. After a comprehensive evaluation, the user approved the plan.

In April, the project’s general contractor negotiated with Hope Deepblue, and both parties successfully signed the service contract. Following the contract’s commencement, all company departments collaborated to ensure timely delivery, from drawing design and electrical component procurement to production and inspection. Construction began in early May, and installation and commissioning were completed promptly.

Hope Deepblue’s reliable LiBr absorption chiller and heat pump quality, professional after-sales service, and customer-centric approach have been highly praised. This successful upgrade has laid a solid foundation for the continued smooth operation of the direct-fired units for the next 20 years.

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