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Isolation gown is one of the Personal Protective Equipment and it is widely used among healthcare workers. The purpose is to protect them from the splashing and soiling of blood, bldy fluids and other potentially infectious material.

For the isolation gown, it should have long-sleeves, cover the body front and back from neck to the thighs, overlap or meet at the back, fasten neck and waist with ties and be easy to put on and take off.

There are different material for the isolation gown, the most common material is SMS, Polypropylene and Polypropylene + polyethylene. Let’s see what’s their differences?


SMS isolation gown


Polypropylene + polyethylene isolation gown


Polypropylene isolation gown

SMS isolation gown, is very soft, lightweight and this kind material has good resistance to bacteria, great breathability and water-proof. People feel comfortable when they wear it. SMS isolation gown is quite popular among North and South American countries.

Polypropylene + polyethylene isolation gown, also called PE coated isolation gown, it has excellent water proof performance. More and more people choose this kind material during the pandemic.

Polypropylene isolation gown, it also has good air permeability and the price is much better among the 3 kinds material. 

The reinforced SMS surgical gowns have double overlapping back to complete the surgeon’s coverage, and it can provide protection from infectious diseases.

This kind surgical gown comes with reinforcement at lower arm and chest, velcro at the back of neck, knitted cuff and strong ties at waist.

Made of non-woven material which is durable, tear-resistant, waterproof, non-toxic, ordorless and light-weight, it is comfortable and soft to wear, like a feel of cloth.

The reinforced SMS surgical gown is ideal for high risk or surgical environment like ICU and OR. Thus, it is safety for both patient and surgeon.

Reinforced surgical gown is a cloth for surgeons during hospital surgery or treatment of patients. The ultra-fabric used in the reinforced impermeable sleeves and chest area in the reinforced surgical gown. This kind non-woven fabric provide effective fluid resistance. The characteristics of reinforced surgical gown are fluid and alcohol repellent, ultrasonic sewing to reduce infection risks, and anti-static treated to improve fit and hang on wearer.

Our reinforced surgical gown can be only used for one time.

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