The Difference Between A Common Mode Choke And A Transformer

The common mode choke and transformer are electronic components made from the inductance of electromagnetic coil on the raw material of transformer skeleton. They both use the principle of “moving magnetic to generate electricity, moving electric to generate magnetism”

In particular, the common mode choke and transformer have several electromagnetic coil windings. Therefore, the common mode choke and transformer have many similarities in structure and principle.

In terms of the basic structure, there is not much difference between a common mode choke and a transformer. However, there are fundamental differences between common mode chokes and transformers, which are embodied in three aspects.

1. The difference between the two primary USES is that they are designed for different primary USES.

2. Common mode choke coil is an electronic device designed to resist electromagnetic interference in power supply circuits. As a matter of fact, it is equivalent to a double filter, which not only filters out the common mode electromagnetic interference in the power supply circuit, but also filters out its own electromagnetic interference, so as to ensure that other components in the same power supply circuit will not be subject to electromagnetic interference.Common mode chokes only exchange data signals based on AC data signals and extremely low frequency communication. The transformer is designed to change the working voltage in the power supply circuit. Transformers can be based on alternating current and alternating current.

3. The number of turns of the common mode choke coil is significantly lower than that of the transformer in structure.In fact, because their primary USES are fundamentally different, the raw materials used are different. The most significant difference is that the raw material of transformer core is usually silicon steel sheet transformer core, while common mode choke coil is usually ferrite core.

That’s the difference between a common mode choke and a transformer. Hope you like it!We are an inductor manufacturer, if you need to buy in bulk or customize, please contact us

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