The DEVCO Revolution: Pioneering Development with Visionary Trenchless Techniques

California, United States – DEVCO, a dynamic newcomer in the development and engineering sector, is making headlines with its innovative approach to construction, deeply rooted in the diverse backgrounds of its leadership team. With a focus on cutting-edge trenchless technologies, including Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), DEVCO is setting a new standard for sustainable and efficient development.

Founded by CEO Donnie Thomason and COO Chad Decker, DEVCO capitalizes on a unique blend of experience in military discipline, sportsmanship, real estate acumen, and mortgage banking insight. This blend has powered the company’s strategic entry into development, with the founders leveraging their collective expertise to champion less invasive construction methods that honor the environment and community landscapes.

“Our mission at DEVCO is guided by the values we’ve embraced from our varied pasts—discipline, strategy, and precision,” states Thomason. “These core principles, combined with our technical proficiencies and our commitment to sustainable practices, have allowed us to excel in HDD and other trenchless technologies, marking a new chapter in construction.”

Adding to this impressive leadership is CFO Rich Rossman, whose extensive background in directional drilling and underground utilities is elevating DEVCO’s operational capabilities. Rossman’s acumen in these niche areas is instrumental in driving the company’s growth and fostering innovation in development practices.

“Joining DEVCO was a natural transition for me,” Rossman shares. “I was drawn to the company’s vision of integrating trenchless technology with development and engineering. It’s not just about doing the job with less disruption—it’s about doing it smarter, with long-term sustainability in mind.”

DEVCO’s rise in the development and engineering sphere is a testament to the diverse backgrounds of its leadership in sports, military, and finance, which have collectively shaped their approach to project management and strategic innovation. While their extensive history in real estate investment and home flipping marks a significant milestone in their journey, it represents just the beginning of a grander narrative that naturally progresses to their current pioneering work in development and engineering. Discover the full story behind their evolution at DEVCO’s website

“We are more than the sum of our parts,” adds Decker. “Our diverse expertise is the cornerstone of DEVCO’s philosophy. From sports fields to battlefields, to the boardroom, we’ve honed skills that are integral to the innovative development solutions we provide today.”

DEVCO proudly holds General A Engineering Contractor and General B Contractor licenses, demonstrating their comprehensive service capabilities. Their status as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and their possession of other industry certifications are testaments to their dedication to excellence and integrity.

Looking ahead, DEVCO is committed to redefining the engineering and development landscape through their advocacy of trenchless technologies. With a visionary approach and an unyielding pursuit of excellence, DEVCO is not only a company to watch but one that is actively shaping the future of the industry. 

For more information on how DEVCO is leading the charge in innovative development and engineering solutions, or to arrange an interview with the founders, please visit or contact the DEVCO press office.

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