The Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder – The Future Of Fish Location

Deeper have released to the UK angling market a castable GPS fish finder with a difference. The device uses satellite technology and wifi to send bathymetric maps and a visual representation of the lake’s topography back to your smart phone or tablet.

So, what are the advantages of using a Deeper Pro+?

Traditionally anglers would use a marker float and lead to map out the depths of a lake. This can be a laborious job with repeated casting and disturbance to the swim which is also likely to scare the fish into another area of the lake. With a marker the angler would drag the lead along the bottom and let up the float after every couple of feet to gauge the depth. This process can obviously take some time if you are fishing at any kind of distance.

The whole process is massively simplified using a sonar fish finder. The floating sensor is cast out into the lake with a maximum range of 100 meters and 300ft scanning depth. The signal is then sent back to your smart phone or tablet via wifi showing the lake bed contours, water temperature, snags, weed beds etc. The retrieve can also saved and stored on your device for next time you visit the same swim. No internet or phone signal is necessary so you can use the Deeper device in remote locations.

How does it work?

The Deeper uses advanced high-frequency sonar technology similar to a fish finder you will find on a boat. It is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones and tablets and can be used in salt and freshwater. The transmitter is small (2.5ins/65mm in diameter) and weighs just 3.5oz/100g so it can be cast a considerable distance.

What is included in the box?

The Deeper PRO+ will cost around 200GBP and comes with a safe usage and regulations manual, a USB Wire, a neoprene carry pouch, 2 attachment bolts and quick start guide. The rechargeable battery should last 5 hours+ continuous use on a single charge with a re-charge time of 2 hours. Spare transmitters are available to purchase if you happen to lose one.

Visit Piscatorian today to read our review of the new Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder and find out if it really is worth the money.

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