The Dan Lok Giving Scholarship Has Chosen Two Winners For the 2021 School Year

Business coach, King of Closing, and successful entrepreneur Dan Lok will be awarding two winners under his scholarship program. Awardees Robert Byron Megehee and Rachelle Roubos will be receiving their $1,000 and $500 financial assistance by the fall semester of 2021.

Vancouver, Canada – July 30, 2021 – The Dan Lok Giving Scholarship will give away a $1,000 and $500 grant to help college-related expenses. Robert Byron Megehee from Trident Technical College in South Carolina won first place. Rachelle Roubos from Pima Community College in Arizona won runner-up.

Going to college and earning a degree is something that many students aspire to achieve. It is one of the foundational ways to excel in the field one has chosen, and it opens up many doors that lead to one’s professional and personal success. However, not all students have the chance of getting a higher education degree. Some individuals are hindered by their financial situations, making it difficult to continue or even start pursuing higher education.

Dan Lok believes that such struggles should not stop students from reaching their dreams. Being in a difficult financial situation himself in the past, Lok knows the hardships that many people face when they cannot access the resources they need. Thus, starting his scholarship program is one of the ways he is giving back and being grateful because of where he is now.

The applicants were asked to share their experiences through the following prompt: “What is a difficult situation that you have been faced with, and how did you overcome it?”

The $1,000 first-place winner Robert Byron Megehee explained the several challenges he faced when he lost both his father and mother at a young age, plus his health battles with Epilepsy.

“When I was twelve years old, my father passed away from diabetes. Since my parents had divorced when I was very young, I had to get to know my mom after leaving everything I knew behind. I began that difficult trek from my home in Oklahoma to start rebuilding my life in the state of North Carolina. It was a few years after my father passed away that I received word one day after coming home from school that my mother had passed away; I was 16,” he told his story.

“Despite many setbacks, I managed to be able to climb. One of the most difficult problems that I faced down (and still deal with to this day) is Epilepsy. Epilepsy has tried to have its way with me since I was 11 years old but will never halt me on my journey to success for both myself and my family. Today, I am successfully going to school and am going to make a better life for my wife, son, and daughter, so long as I can continue to afford the classes necessary,” Robert’s display of determination despite setbacks serve as an inspiration for many students.

The $500 second-place winner Rachelle Roubos shared her health circumstances as she bravely faces life with a health condition called Multiple Sclerosis.

“Within the past year, I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That is an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack your nervous system. The results of these attacks cause inflicting damage with the communication between your brain and body,” she explained.

“After five long months of fighting and battling these attacks, I had answers. Since I found these answers, I made the decision to keep fighting this battle. To this day, I have gotten the right treatment and continue to receive this treatment daily to battle this disease. Thankfully for my decision to not give up, I have been able to live another day without major disabling conditions because I was given the right treatment,” Rachelle’s persistence and optimism allowed her to not only manage her health but also bring her the strength to pursue her dreams.

Serial entrepreneur Dan Lok is a business coach, investor, and influencer on various social media platforms. Financially struggling in his younger years, he was inspired to help others succeed through his coaching programs and informational videos about personal finance and business growth.

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