The Customer Needs A 35*43cm Digital Flat-Panel Detector

Jiangsu Sports Rehabilitation Center needs a 35*43cm digital flat-panel detector. It usually needs to take pictures of the lumbar spine. The customer has X-ray equipment. Introduce the company and products to the customer: Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology is committed to providing advanced medical equipment to help sports rehabilitation. Institutions improve the level and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. Our latest medical 35*43cm digital flat-panel detector can assist you in information collection and processing, providing higher quality guarantee for the patient’s diagnosis and treatment process.

Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology’s 35*43cm digital flat-panel detector can receive medical radiation in digital format and quickly convert it into electronic data, which greatly saves diagnosis and treatment costs and time. It also improves the accuracy and clarity of diagnosis and facilitates later treatment of patients.

The advantage of digital imaging is that the detector can accurately capture and record more subtle medical radiation signals, achieving more precise and clear image processing. In addition, the digital flat-panel detector has a larger imaging area and can be perfectly connected with various traditional and digital imaging systems. It is suitable for various types of medical radiography equipment, making data input smoother and more efficient.

Compared with traditional medical imaging equipment, digital flat-panel detectors have the advantages of easy use, efficient performance, fast information transmission, and strong operability. It can not only make imaging work efficient and simple, but also effectively reduce costs, realizing the transformation and upgrading of the medical system.

Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology’s digital medical imaging products can provide institution with more reliable, efficient, and low-cost diagnostic and treatment services, and make sports rehabilitation institution stand out among its peers. After introducing the product, send relevant information and quotation to the customer for the corresponding configuration.

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