The Colourful Life of M.K. Gandhi Now on Kickstarter

The life of Mohandas K. Gandhi or “Mahatma” as his followers call him is a story of perseverance, compassion, and triumph of the human spirit. In a world besieged by war, now more than ever people look to those who inspire with love and fortitude. The Colourful Life of M.K. Gandhi is a picture book project now on Kickstarter.

Mahatma Gandhi has been rightfully called “The Father of the Indian Nation.” Gandhi worked tirelessly for justice in South Africa and towards India’s ultimate independence from British rule. His story was one that proved the power of nonviolence as a means for effective social and political change. As a lawyer and social reformer, Gandhi sought to teach the world the truth of love and compassion that lies within each person. His fight for human rights, the dignity of all people regardless of caste, protection of environment and religious tolerance was by many human’s standards mankind’s finest hour. His story is now being developed through a photo-based biography on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter project is to create a 680 page coffee table book with over 1281 colourized photos of Gandhi throughout his life that have never been published before. The Kickstarter is an interdisciplinary project developed by historians, Gandhi scholars, graphic designers, and photo experts who have come together to put Gandhi’s life into perspective and bring colour to his world. Missing colours have been added to meet the natural surroundings and settings that Gandhi was photographed in so that it is an accurate historical record. The book is divided into chapters that reflect his life and teachings.

With the book’s publication, Devadas Gandhi’s will see his dreams become realized. He has held onto his father’s photographs for years, hoping to put together a biography and collection such as the one that will become this coffee table book. GandhiServe India has collected his and other Gandhi photographs in order to document the life of this great soul in detail with the goal of publishing it on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, to be celebrated in 2019. Those who wish to assist with this project have many options of Kickstarter rewards to choose from to support.

Patrons will receive perks, digital photos, copies of the book, and even original photographs depending upon their contribution.

This has become more than just a biography to all of us. It is a labor of love, at an important time in world history. This book will help remind the world that peace doesn’t come at the end of a gun, but from the heart and with courage. – Jayan Mitra

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