The Center for Rapid Recovery (CRR) struggles to survive after receiving an over payment of 1.2 million dollars

The Center for Rapid Recovery (CRR), also known as the Training and Research Institute for Cultural Competence (TRICC) is now struggling to survive financially after one of their funders realized two years later that the (CRR) “agency” was mistakenly overpaid by 1.2 million dollars. In December of last year, CRR learned about the error made by a “student intern” for NYS the agency major funder who in turn began to make weekly recoupment of $4000 from our receivables. To date, the NYS funder has recouped over $450,000 which resulted in depletion of our cash flow, a tough financial year and increased chances of lay off. The whole fiasco resulted in a high-end year deficit of over $ $350,000 affecting CRR’s ability to pay its bills and make the year-end payroll.

Established in 1994, The Center for Rapid Recovery is a non-profit, faith-based and minority-focused behavioral healthcare organization to serve majorly the racially and linguistically diverse residents of Long Island. It is located in the Village of Hempstead within the 18th Assembly District of Nassau County and viewed as a beacon of hope for communities of color that suffer from poor access to and outcomes from medical and behavioral healthcare than the rest of Long Island, New York. It is dedicated to eliminate the racial and ethnic disparities in the health industry and offer culturally competent care to people with or at risk for developmental disabilities, chemical dependency, HIV/AIDS, mental health-related issues and families of such persons.

Some of the services provided by CRR include chemical dependency treatment, to assist individuals who’re dealing with drug addictions, co-occurring HIV/AIDS and or Mental Illness; prevocational services that aims to assist the individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring necessary skills for employment, Medicaid Service Coordination(MSC) community and Day Habilitation program including bilingual Mobil Intervention,  Advocacy and Outreach to  at-risk populations from birth-5, family education and training service, to assist the person in getting necessary support based on their needs and residential services for persons with developmental disabilities.

To continue providing all these services and prevent any potential layoffs, The Center for Rapid Recovery calls out for financial support from anyone who can. More information about the company can be found at

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