October 11, 2016: The Canine Cafe is a dog food truck where dogs of all breeds are welcome. This is a unique venture for dogs and their owners to socialize, take doggy selfies, eat, drink water and participate in market research for dog food companies.

The purpose of The Canine Cafe is simple.The Canine Cafe feeds dogs brand name dog food and water for free in exchange for answers to three questions. The dog owner is videotaped answering these questions then signs a consent form. That video is then sent to The Canine Cafe’s social media sites and to the marketing department of the dog food company.

The Canine Cafe is launching with a Ford Transit truck in partnership with a major dog food manufacturer. The truck will travel to all the local dog parks daily. This pilot program is scheduled to begin in Salt Lake City and eventually expand to five major American cities and subsequently to 25 cities in the U.S.

The Canine Cafe truck has these features: an advertising wrap of our partner dog food company, a wi-fi hot spot, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom closet, generator and hot dog cooking equipment and much more. Dog owners answer three simple survey questions and receive in return a free serving of dog food and water to be provided by the dog food company. Dog owners will be also encouraged to take selfies with their dogs to create awareness and promotion for The Canine Cafe.

“Our desire is to create a better world for our four-legged friends.” said Mahana Mafi, the CEO of The Canine Cafe. In addition to that goal, our team will promote regional dog adoption programs who will visit the Cafe frequently. The Cafe will also travel to various public places such as parades, college and corporate campuses, events and most importantly dog parks. The Cafe will distribute literature to create awareness of dog vaccinations, checkups and pet adoptions.

Other activities include the sale of human food such as hot dogs, sodas, chips and candy bars for dog owners and children. This is an unprecedented event plus there is nothing else like this in the U.S.

Website: Crowdfunding site: Indiegogo: Contact: Mahana Mafi, CEO 801-616-9634 -3

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Company Name: Canine Cafe
Contact Person: Mahana Mafi
Phone: 801-616-9634 -3
Country: United States