The Candelabrum Group Unlocks A Brand’s True Potential!

The Candelabrum Group is a full-service design and branding agency. But, our clients affectionately call us their brand innovation and transformation partners.

The reason is simple – we do a lot more than create attractive marketing content.

We thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses, their target segments, and their vision for the future to become relentless drivers of their growth.

Our marketing wizards, development ninjas, design experts, media maestros, and other prodigies help our clients break through the barriers they are facing and become leaders in their respective industries. We achieve this by employing a mix of subliminal and supraliminal psychological cues that establish our clients as the most loved brand among their target audience.

The Creation of The Candelabrum Group

The Candelabrum Group has been in existence for over 10 years. Completing projects from ‘Mom & Pop Shops’, to fortune 500 clients. The company started as a brain-child from two individuals who came together with their individual skill sets.

Mario Ezeh who owned and operated a web development company known as Elite Webdesigners& Jennifer Onwumere who operated a marketing firm known as Jen-gerbread Marketing. Together, they created a company now known as The Candelabrum Group.

Since then, several other companies and individuals have joined the team which positions The Candelabrum Group to becoming one of the fastest growing firms in Dallas, Texas. 

We are the brand-crafters.

We Create Brands and Make Legends Out Of Them.

Web Development

As early adopters, we test and perfect cutting-edge technologies and use them to create feature-rich, intuitive digital platforms that produce high user engagement for brands. Our unique user-centric approach to web development allows us to build websites that are aesthetically stunning, compatible with search engines, easy to use, and guide visitors to become customers.

Mobile App

We develop apps that help our clients engage and communicate with their audience, no matter what device they are using. Our mobile development team has been transforming ideas and visions into powerful and creative mobile applications that empower users in an unprecedented way.

Photo & Videography

Our stunning quality photos and videos do not just capture eyeballs. They captivate the audience and win over their hearts and minds. We extensively make use of scientifically proven psychological cues to stimulate positive responses to strategically placed Calls for Action. The interactive media that we create never fails to deliver.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design begins with your audience. We recognize what they want to be. Then, we develop creatives that satisfy their aspirational goals and create maximum consumer impact. We target their deepest unmet desires to break through the clutter of advertisements and inspire them to reimagine their lives in which your brand would be irreplaceable.

Social Media

We target and engage your audience through meaningful conversations on social media to create high social impact in the favor of your brand. By seamlessly integrating our social media efforts into your overall digital space objectives, we create a lasting reputation for your brand in the virtual world.


By successfully leveraging our superb knowledge of the search engine algorithms and online user behavior, we will channel a deluge of organic web traffic to your website, app, and social profiles. We even perform detailed competitor analyses to identify your strengths and weakness against theirs. We use this analysis to amplify your search engine performance in areas where your competition is lacking.

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