The Canadian Biking Industry Introduces Super Trends in 2019 for Both The Mountain Bike And The Fat Bike

It is no secret: Canada as a whole is big on cycling. According to Symbol of Statistics Canada, in 2013/2014, approximately Canadians aged 12 and older admitted to having cycled in the previous year. The same report also confirmed that cycling was more prevalent among 12-14-year-olds (82%) that adults who were 50 years and older (52%).

With all the benefits of cycling including heightened physical activity, emotional clarity, and environmental benefits, it is no surprise to see many gravitating towards the leisure sport. The introduction of fat and mountain bikes makes cycling all the more fun, thrilling and downright entertaining.

Over the years, these bikes have undergone tremendous changes to increase user experience even more. 2019 is no exception.

RSD Bikes, one of the distributors of quality mountain bikes and fat bikes has already projected what the industry has in store for racers in 2019. Here are some of the poised to change the way Canadians view biking as a whole, according to RSD Bikes.

1. The Introduction Of The Shimano Imitating Shifting System

The Japanese market leader, Shimano has hit again, this time even bigger and better. Their first ever SRAM 1 x 13 shifting system completes with 12 pockets is ideal for three groups of racers – endurance racers, marathon pilots, and XC racers. The difference between the new transmission and the previous model is in its weight saving (about 100 grams) which makes the bike’s handlebars easy to use. RSD Bikes’ head of sales department made a statement saying that the ease of use of the new shifting system will go a long way on making cycling more seamless than before.

2. Multifunctional helmets and back protectors are here

Just the other day, “smart” helmets found their way to the Toronto market. These super devices help connect riders with their passengers or their navigation system for an easier cycling experience. More advanced features are being pumped on existing helmets to enhance safety further. The latest trend is the addition of inner padding for an antimicrobial and cooling effect. As for back protectors, the lightweight model made for MTB sector Ortema is slowly picking up pace. The protector, with additional guards over its entire back area, is available for people of all ages. In addition, the protectors are made from a high-quality material and infused with a ventilation system to improve durability and breathability.

3. More Lightweight Constructions

RSD Bikes spokesperson also made a statement about the increased use of lightweight materials to fabricate fat bikes and mountain bikes. Ideally, a fat bike or mountain bike needs to be comfortable and stable yet as lightweight as possible. It is for this reason that more companies are using carbon to create their bike models.

The spokesperson said, “The latest PI ROPE spokes made from high-tech Vectran fibre is poised to dominate the industry in 2019. The spokes weighs a mere 2.2 grams per piece while its wheel set weighs only 2.6 pounds (27.5 inches).”

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