The Brockett Group Expands Further With $500 Million Investment to Form Venture Capital Firm

The New-York based investment management firm is led by Malik Duquon Brockett who is planning on a global expansion in the venture capital and private equity space.

Malik Brockett and The Brockett Group have secured an investment of $US500 Million to form its Venture Capital Firm. They currently have $US1.5 Billion worth of assets under management. 

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Malik Duquon Brockett, Mai Trung NghÄ©a, Ismahil Akinade and Grace Tanda. 

The firm supports startups entering into new emerging markets and competitive industries by putting the capital support behind them as well the management required. With an experienced team, they develop the markets. By capitalizing across various areas, businesses and assets across a variety of classes gives them the understanding, resources and analytical advantages to be ahead of the growing competition. This would provide benefits of investment opportunities on an international scale.

The Brockett Group is standing behind American startups. They are expanding into technology, health, energy, media, consumer retail, construction, hospitality, finance, real estate and transportation.

The firm has directed an amount of $US100 million to be invested towards its first state-of-the-art development for the new corporate offices. They will work with world class architects in California and New York City. They are aiming to create at least 10,000 jobs by 2030.

“The Brockett Group has always been managed with a viewpoint of attaining successful progression over the long term. Our organization has consistently wanted to centre on the best possible results for our company and investments over a period of years rather than on the short-term influence and gains” – statement by Malik D. Brockett, President, Chairman and CEO of the group.

About The Brockett Group 

The Brockett Group is a New York based private equity alternative investment management firm that supports companies in various sectors with internal as well as external capital. The group works with an exceptionally talented team and thus brings out the best for its investors and partners. 

The firm aims at creating the best market leading companies, brands and partnerships that encourage, relate and inspire worldwide consumers.

Who is Malik D. Brockett?

Malik Brockett who is the president, chairman and CEO of the group, has been successful in investing and making establishments across a wide range of asset classes in different sectors on a global basis including private equity and real estate. Malik is an American business magnate, who has earned fame in a small span of time in the entrepreneurial world. He was born on July 31, 1997.

The firm has already invested internal and external capital in more than 100 companies and partnerships valued at more than $US2.5 billion.

The Brockett Group has a long experience in what they do and have turned out to be successful. The firm offers financial capital, strategic planning and operational guidance. In addition, they provide extensive valuable networks to support startups. They help in shaping long lasting businesses, and constantly providing high yields to investors.

The group collaborates with other exclusive companies that can take advantage from Malik Brockett and his firm. Thus, helping in gaining the team’s knowledge and profile-raising influence. The firm seeks to drive and assist in producing long term economic growth.

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