A Brief Introduction About Flashlight Reflectors

The reflector refers to a reflector that uses a point light bulb as the light source and needs long-distance spotlight illumination. It is a kind of reflective device. In order to utilize the limited light energy, the light reflector is used to control the illumination distance and illumination area of the main spot. Most spotlight flashlights use reflectors.

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The geometric parameters of the reflector mainly include the following, as shown in the figure:

· The distance H between the center of the light source and the opening on the reflector· Reflector top opening diameter D· Light exit angle B after reflection· Spill light angle A· Irradiation distance L· Center spot diameter E· Spot diameter F of spill light

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The purpose of the reflector in the optical system is to gather and emit the light scattered around in one direction, and condense weak light into strong light, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the lighting effect and increasing the irradiation distance. Through the design of the reflective cup surface, the light-emitting angle, floodlight/concentration ratio, etc. of the flashlight can be adjusted. Theoretically, the deeper the depth of the reflector and the larger the aperture, the stronger the light-gathering ability. However, in practical applications, the light-gathering intensity is not necessarily good. The choice should also be made according to the actual use of the product. If necessary For long-distance lighting, you can choose a flashlight with strong condensing light, while for short-range lighting, you should choose a flashlight with better floodlight (too strong concentrating light dazzles the eyes and can’t see the object clearly).

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The reflector is a kind of reflector that acts on long-distance spotlight and has a cup-shaped appearance. It can use limited light energy to control the illumination distance and illumination area of the main spot. Reflective cups with different materials and process effects have their own advantages and disadvantages. The common types of reflectors on the market are mainly glossy reflectors and textured reflectors.Glossy reflector:a. The inner wall of the optical cup is mirror-like;b. It can make the flashlight produce a very bright center spot, and the spot uniformity is slightly poor;c. Due to the high brightness of the central spot, the irradiation distance is relatively far;

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Textured reflector:a. The orange peel cup surface is wrinkled;b. The light spot is more uniform and soft, and the transition from the central spot to the floodlight is better, making people’s visual experience more comfortable;c. The irradiation distance is relatively close;

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It can be seen that the selection of the reflector type of the flashlight should also be selected according to requirements.

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